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8th April 2021

Thursday, April 08, 2021
Capital Raise
Company: Greatcell Energy
Sector: Solar Technology

Opportunity: Greatcell Energy is raising A$1M (A$5M pre money valuation).

Description: Greatcell Energy an Australian Perovskite Solar Cell (PSC) company which is at the forefront of commercialising PSC photovoltaic technology and which has leapt to the attention of the energy sector.
Greatcell Energy has released its latest company newsletter, it features the company's recent achievements and provides some insightful articles including:
  • Greatcell Australia Facility Opening
  • Army Innovation Day
  • How to Value Solar Technology
  • A Weighty Argument - Technical analysis
To read the Greatcell Energy newsletter click here.

Why would you want to be listed?
There are 3 fundamental reasons why a company would want to list or remain listed on a traditional stock exchange:
  1. Raise new equity capital,
  2. Provide liquidity for shareholders; i.e. a marketplace to buy/sell securities, and
  3. Diversify shareholder base.
Sometimes companies are criticised for going public ‘too early’ because the money raised at IPO didn’t get put to good use or because the company lacked the skills to manage the stock exchange’s disclosure obligations or because the company lacked the skills to manage the stock exchange’s disclosure obligations.

Other key issues include high listings costs, a fragmented market, shareholder activism, class actions, diversity targets and social responsibility etc.

...As an example, Virtual Gaming Word (VGW), an online gaming company, founded by one of Australia’s latest billionaires Laurence Escalante, has circumvented these key issues and also experienced very strong share price growth and value accretion on the PrimaryMarkets Platform driven in part by the direct visibility to PrimaryMarkets global network of over 110,000 potential investors, including PE firms, family offices and sophisticated investors. 

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