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8th December 2020

Tuesday, December 08, 2020
Company: Ultra HPQ Ltd
Sector: Mineral Technology
Type: Capital Raise
Description: Ultra high purity quartz sand is one of the world’s most critical minerals and is essential in the manufacture of high-growth Green-Tech and Hi-Tech applications, specifically;
  • Fibre optics, lenses, medical, lab quartzware and LED lighting.
  • Solar PV cell wafers which are essential in the manufacture of all Solar PV cells.
  • Semiconductor wafer used in the manufacturing of chips essential for smartphones, electric vehicles, cloud computing and digital products.

Products manufactured using ultra high purity quartz are critical to enabling a cleaner and smarter future.

Ultra HPQ aims to ensure that security of supply in these key markets is diversified away from sole exposure to USA supply.

Ultra HPQ is now raisings a bridging round of A$250,000 (A$90,000 already committed).

Company: GMDx Genomics Ltd
Sector: Genome Healthcare
Type: Capital Raise
Description: GMDx is a genomics testing company that delivers the next generation of immunogenomic diagnostics in oncology. Recently, GMDx reached an important milestone with the granting of the first patent in the USA and China, bringing the total number of patents granted globally to 14.

GMDx continues to expand its patent portfolio that includes patents and applications in the areas of Oncology, Virology and Cognitive Impairment.

GMDx is an Australian company raising A$1.7M.

GMDx Pty Ltd believes it currently qualifies under the ATO classification of an Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC)

Company: Imagine Intelligent Materials Ltd
Sector: Technology - IOT
Type: Senior Convertible Note
Description: Imagine has developed a breakthrough 'sensing mat' device called On-Q to help people and businesses with social distancing safety measures. Watch the demonstartion here.

Imagine Intelligent Materials is the leading Australian developer of graphene – based coatings for industrial textiles and fibres.

Imagine is raising A$1.5M via a Senior Convertible Note (SCN).

Company: NIVA Group
Sector: Property
Type: Managed Fund
Description: NIVA brings together ISG’s expert fund management skills and Noble Ventures’ property development and management capabilities to create a strong, high performing business unit that has few peers in the industry.

Read about NIVA Group exciting Derwent Valley Project:

NIVA Group is raising up to A$45M.

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