PrimaryMarkets Pre-IPO Trading Windows

PrimaryMarkets’ efficient trading platform is best positioned to support your company through a controlled pre-IPO secondary trading plan. 

A pre-IPO trading window provides a number of benefits to companies and its shareholders as IPO planning is finalised.

  1. Avoid escrow – early stage investors can avoid escrow conditions (up to 2 years) enforced when a company lists on a public exchange
  2. Reduce uncertainty – allows existing shareholders who do not want IPO uncertainty or exposure to risk to sell down – trading off future upside for certainty
  3. More stability – the Company gets more stable register – less early selling pressure post-IPO
  4. Shareholder spread – supports a company seeking shareholder spread
  5. Underpin IPO price – can help baseline IPO pricing for the Company
  6. Improve access to new investors – allows buyers to ‘get set’ and obtain shares before an expected rush during IPO raise
  7. Position for priority offerings – allow buyers to access potential priority offerings at IPO
  8. Partial selldowns – allows for partial (or complete) selldowns for early stage investors
  9. Builds IPO demand – can help a Company build demand for the IPO
  10. Reduced stock dumping – a pre-IPO trading window reduces the likelihood of shareholders dumping stock on the market immediately after listing

Please contact Jamie Green ( / +61 406 429 588) to learn more about this service and how PrimaryMarkets can assist you and your Company.

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