Secondary Trading

Fort Street - Real Estate Capital

Leading specialist real estate investment and asset management company......
Status: Open

Price Guide:  62,000+ shares

Categories: Funds, Property

Digital Currency Group - World’s Leading Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Strategic Investment Company

A unique opportunity to purchase existing shares in this strategic investment USA company that builds and supports Cryptocurrency and Blockchain companies and technologies.........
Status: Open

Price Guide:  Up to US$10M

Categories: Securities, Managed


An Australian-based infant formula and pregnancy health company, and 50% owner of Shaanxi Nutracare......
Status: Open

Price Guide:  2 million shares - Range $1 to $1.50 per share

Categories: Securities, Exisitng Shares

Agripower - Exisitng Shares Available

Agripower has been at the forefront of national and international research and development of silica based agricultural inputs.......
Status: Open

Price Guide:  400,000 shares available - POA

Categories: Securities, Existing Shares

Verita HealthCare Group

An international healthcare group that empowers individuals and populations to detect, prevent, and manage disease and significantly extend their healthy lifespans........
Status: Open

Price Guide: SGD $0.60 to $0.70 range - 143,000 shares available

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Course Hero - Existing Shares Available

Online learning platform offering study documents for students and educators at schools
Status: Open

Price Guide: USD $15 to $16 per share - 162,973 shares available

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Happy Co - Series A Preferred Shares

A new era in enterprise computing that embraces vertical, mobile-first solutions that delight business users......
Status: Open

Price Guide: USD $3.20 to $3.25 per share - 155,470 shares available

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Clara Foods - Existing Shares Available

A leading Cellular Agricultural company that produces baking products, food and beverages ingredients, nutrition supplements, and animal/pathogen/salmonella free egg white products.......
Status: Open

Price Guide:  400,000 shares available - POA

Categories: Securities, Unissued Securities

Waratah Hotel Group - Unlisted Existing Stapled Securities

Fully paid ordinary shares stapled to units in the Fund. The principal activity of the Group is the ownership and operation of hotel and pub businesses across Australia. The Group is continually assessing market opportunities to add new hotel assets.............
Status: Open

Price Guide: AUD 

Categories: Securities, Established Companies
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