PrimaryMarkets Ecosystems

PrimaryMarkets creates Custom Ecosystems for the secondary trading of issued securities in Unlisted Companies and Trusts.

As part of the evolution of the PrimaryMarkets platform, we are now "live" with multiple Ecosystems for the secondary trading (buy and sell) of issued securities in Unlisted Companies and Trusts.

After being initially approached in Q4 2016 by BlackWall Property Funds (ASX:BWF) (Market Cap A$60M), one of our supportive Members, we created an Ecosystem for their unitholders to trade their unlisted units in any of the 13 unlisted Property Funds managed by BlackWall in Australia (these Funds have a portfolio value in excess of A$600M).

How do unlisted entities support secondary trading for their security holders without using a PrimaryMarkets Ecosystem?

Features of PrimaryMarkets Ecosystem Trading Solutions

PrimaryMarkets creates a customised Ecosystem specific to each Company/Trust enabling the security holders to sell and buy securities - Features include: 

Multiple Ecosystems provided by PrimaryMarkets


Why are private liquidity events for Unlisted Companies becoming the "norm"?

What are the advantages of a "private liquidity event" with PrimaryMarkets?

How does a "private liquidity event" affect valuation?

What is "Liquidity Premium"?

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