Music Licensing Platform (USA)

Music Licensing Platform (USA)
Sale existing shares
Sale existing shares

Business Highlights

UPDATE: Since the launch of the latest version of the platform in June, the Company has enjoyed significant growth in revenue and participation metrics. Monthly average page views have increased 450% with revenue growing to approximately 2,000 paid monthly subscribers and over 7,000 transactions completed since the launch.

The Company is already the fastest growing music licensing platform in the world, delivering brands, apps, TV and film makers commercial music directly from artists, songwriters and catalogues.

The platform also provides all the tools music creators need to monetise their music in one location.

The platform exploits the increasing supply/creation of music by providing access/visibility to B2B licensees, with competitive value/pricing, and the ability to promptly clear rights.

Key Information

EOI – US$5.00 per share (17% discount to current raise)

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