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Stepps Private Equity Partners
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Private Equity Assets

Business Highlights

Steppes Private Equity Partners 1 LP is a Cayman Island limited partnership that was established in September 2018 when investors subscribed private equity assets into the fund. The fund is managed by Steppes Management and has produced an annualised return of 21.51% per annum since 2010. The portfolio of Steppes Private Equity Partners 1 LP consists of assets focused on essential natural resources that are projected to benefit from the next phase of the natural resource valuation cycle.

The portfolio currently consists of 21 investments in portfolio companies and has an average ownership interest in the portfolio companies of 8.08% with the highest being 16.45% and the lowest being 2.12%.

Long-term outlook for the portfolio is extremely positive, projecting significant returns over a 5-year timeframe as demand for natural resources increases in line with economic growth, population growth and urbanisation.

Funds under management are in excess of US$1B. Steppes PE aims to provide its holders with long term capital growth.

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Price: P.O.A
Qty: 5,443
Class: Ordinary

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