25th February 2017 




Hello PrimaryMarkets Community, 

On February 25th 2017 we celebrate 1 year since our launch!

Twelve months on and we are delighted with our progress and, more importantly, our platform and the services that we have developed for all our Seller, Buyer and Intermediary Members.

Our overarching objective is to improve the liquidity of unlisted securities and investments and the signs and our achievements to date are overwhelmingly positive for us. Here are some of the highlights of our first 12 months:

  • PrimaryMarkets.com has reviewed 660+ opportunities with an estimated value of A$2B.

  • PrimaryMarkets.com’s Listing Panel has approved and listed: 
    • 132 opportunities 
    • Estimated value of A$1B 
    • Sourced from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, UK and the USA 

  • PrimaryMarkets.com statistics support our platform as a strong source for investments:
    • Members/Followers - 15,000+ (70% from Australia) 
    • Members/Followers location - 119 countries 
    • Opportunities reviewed - 660+ 
    • Opportunities listed - 132 
    • Value of Listings on platform at present - A$720M+ 
    • Average unique visitors per day - 200+ 

  • PrimaryMarkets.com has already completed 80+ transactions since our launch. 

  • PrimaryMarkets.com announced via the ASX an arrangement with Blackwall Property Funds (ASX.BWF) an ASX listed property entity for the trading of issued units in all their 13 unlisted property funds (Total Value >A$500M) held by 1,300+ investors. We have created an online ecosystem for these unitholders.
  • PrimaryMarkets.com has already road showed in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, USA and this month in Israel. 

We have exciting plans in play that will enhance the experience for the PrimaryMarkets Community and, in so doing, improve the operation of worldwide unlisted markets. The next 12 months and beyond should be filled with further opportunities for our Members.

Two new and exciting strategic initiatives currently in development:

  1. Unlisteds.Exchange – our platform for trading in unlisted securities utilising “bid/offer” and/or “auction”, smart contract settlement with payment via E-Wallet technology and all coupled with digital registry services. 

  2. A highly tax-effective Fund for investing in a portfolio of Australian unlisted growth companies including those sourced via our PrimaryMarkets.com platform.

We thank you for your support, engagement and Membership that builds momentum and we greatly appreciate your feedback that helps us to improve and evolve our platform.

In Liquidity We Trust,

Gavin Solomon         Nicholas Capp
Founder                     CEO / Managing Director


If you have any questions or feedback, we would like to hear from you.

Thank you for your continued support and interest

"In Liquidity We Trust"
The PrimaryMarkets Team
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