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A$10,000 Sale of existing options in alternative energy company
A$10,000 Sale of existing units in unlisted property fund
A$100,000 Sale of existing shares in unlisted financial services company
A$120,000 Sale of existing units in unlisted property fund
A$125,000 Investment in luxury retail products manufacturer
A$1M Sale of existing shares in unlisted financial services company
A$35,000 Sale of existing units in unlisted property fund
A$40,000 Investment in global technology fund
A$50,000 Investment in technology platform company
A$750,000 Investment in biopharmaceutical company
A$90,000 Sale of existing shares in mining company

Features of the System

Trusted & Independent
Trusted & Independent
Integrity and confidentiality are paramount in all transactions
Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of transactions in the unlisted space
Access to Alternative Asset Classes
Access to Alternative Asset Classes
Invest in rarely available unlisted companies, funds and direct assets
Our Listings Panel leverages the expertise and experience of the Board & Executive in the review and selection of all Listings
Private trading hubs for companies to provide liquidity to security holders adhering to specific trading rules
Efficient, secure, automated settlement of transactions


"We have developed a great working relationship with PrimaryMarkets. We appreciate the quality of their investor database and transaction engagement to deliver quality strategic investors to our fund raising. PrimaryMarkets played a key role in the successful completion of our A$3.5M equity raise."

Seller – Biopharmaceutical Company - PrimaryMarkets Member

“PrimaryMarkets was very supportive in making our offer transaction-ready and instrumental in successfully building awareness and sourcing some strategic interest. We would recommend PrimaryMarkets to any entity raising funds”

CEO of Lifesciences Company. - PrimaryMarkets Member

“I am an active Member of PrimaryMarkets as Intermediary, Seller and Buyer. PrimaryMarkets expands the opportunities for unlisted assets to be seen, heard, reviewed, bought and sold. As a Corporate Advisor with my own portfolio of unlisted investments, I have found the platform valuable as both an Intermediary and an individual investor. As PrimaryMarkets grows and develops, so too will the opportunities to transact unlisted assets more effectively and efficiently. I value the professional relationship with PrimaryMarkets.”

Corporate Advisor / Professional Investor – PrimaryMarkets Member

“Like most sophisticated investors, there is a need to re-balance portfolios from time to time and for my unlisted investments it is difficult to find liquidity.

Previous to meeting the PrimaryMarkets’ team, we had unsuccessfully searched to find a way to sell down a portion of a substantial unlisted company shareholding – when we were fortunate to find out about PrimaryMarkets, I stated in our first meeting – “we have been looking for you for months!”. PrimaryMarkets worked quickly and effectively to get our offering up on their platform and we were very impressed with the level of interest generated by PrimaryMarkets’ Investor Network. PrimaryMarkets brought knowledgeable, experienced and well-funded Buyer Members for the entire block of shares at the price we wanted. We couldn’t be happier or satisfied with the service, commitment and smooth of operation we experienced with PrimaryMarkets.

We readily recommend PrimaryMarkets to anyone considering transacting their securities in unlisted entities.”

Former employee of unlisted Australian public company - PrimaryMarkets Member


News Article

The Internet of Industrial Materials and How We Got Here ….….

In January 1993, the world changed. That was when Mosaic, the first graphic “browser”, was released.  Read more

Success Story - Australian Swimwear Brand Bondi Born

PrimaryMarkets is proud to have supported Bondi Born in completing its recent A$650,000 growth round equity raising to allow the business to capitalise on demand both overseas and locally. Bondi Born's SS18 range has received rave reviews in the US, Europe and Australia with major premium swimwear distributors and retailers submitting orders. Read more

PrimaryMarkets' New Features: Buyer Status Verification

We now have streamlined Buyer Status Verification functionality. This is a full digital process for the on-boarding of all Buyer Members as Sophisticated/Professional Investors so they can transact on the PrimaryMarkets platform.  Read more

PrimaryMarkets' New Features: Enhanced Member Profiles

PrimaryMarkets has added Industry Sectors to the Account Profile page to support more effective and efficient search, review and communications for its Members. You can now login to your Account Profile and update your preferences to indicate which Industry Sectors are of most interest.  Read more

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