About PrimaryMarkets

PrimaryMarkets is part of Complii FinTech Solutions (ASX:CF1), an ASX-listed Group of companies offering an end-to-end ecosystem of solutions for capital markets participants, from capital raising and share trading to online registry, operational risk and compliance management.

PrimaryMarkets' Platform is for companies, fund managers and sophisticated and institutional investors.

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PrimaryMarkets offers:

-capital raising for unlisted companies

-trading hubs to provide liquidity for shareholders, including employees and early investors

PrimaryMarkets is led by Jamie Green, Executive Chairman. The company was founded in 2016 and acquired by the Complii Group in 2021.

Complii was established to harness the power of FinTech to meet the operational needs of Australian Financial Service Licence (AFSL) holders.

Complii has brought together a complementary mix of financial services and FinTech development experts to develop and integrate best of breed, customisable solutions to AFSL compliance specific operational challenges.

Close collaboration with key clients ensures that the team delivers effective ways to meet real world needs that grow business opportunities, drive competitive advantages and improve customer satisfaction.

Complii Group history

The Complii group is an ASX-listed FinTech, delivering the only end-to-end, online Management Platform for capital markets participants.

Complii has emerged from the growing demand for smart application of FinTech solutions to AFSL holders’ specific operational needs for compliance, risk, operational and capital raising efficiencies. Complii’s rapid growth has been driven by large-scale aggregators’ recognition of the competitive advantages inherent in an integrated, modular, user-friendly platform for individual broker service delivery.


The Complii Group Offering: a complete ecosystem

Covering the whole corporate lifecycle from inception to unicorn:

  • Registry services at inception of a corporation, unlisted share trading facilities (including pre-IPO)
  • Capital raising and administration tools
  • Shareholder services (post listing)
  • Compliance controls required for those dealing for and in capital markets.
  • Consulting
The Complii Group has built a unique, differentiated end-to-end platform delivering a whole suite of solutions for equity capital markets participants.

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