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What is a Private Company/Fund Listing?

A listing is a dedicated Trading Hub that enables investors and shareholders to buy and sell shares in unlisted companies and funds.

Our Trading Hubs also provide:

  • Secure Escrow Services.
  • Online KYC / CTF / AML and Buyer Status Verification for all share trades and payments from buyer to seller.
  • Fully customisable Platform to inform securityholders of company / fund results and performance.
  • Trading access restrictions, trading windows and price controls.

How do I list my company/fund onto PrimaryMarkets?

Submit a form to our sales team here. Our team will then reach out to you to explain in more detail how listing works, the costs and other information that we will need to setup your Trading Hub.

It is simple process with the expectation of having your company trading on our Platform within a week or so.

What information is required to list my company/fund?

Examples of information required include:

  • Company overview;
  • Company history;
  • Corporate video (if available);
  • Company announcements (last 2 years);
  • Financial reports (P&L, Cashflow and Balance Sheet – last 2 years);
  • Relevant marketing material – e.g. presentations etc;
  • List of Board of Directors plus short bios;
  • Company logo;
  • Research reports (if available);
  • Share register name and contact details; and
  • Constitution or Shareholder Agreement.

Is there a Minimum Market Capitalisation to List?

There is no minimum however it is generally considered that companies should have more than 20 shareholders

How do I Create a Listing for a Seller of Shares (not being a company listing)?

Our Platform offers individual holders of parcels of shares in private companies the opportunity to list and sell their shares. To offer for sale your shares in an unlisted company, submit a form here to our Trading Desk.

PrimaryMarkets will then liaise with you regarding the information that is required before your listing goes live.

It is simple online process with the expectation of having your shares trading on our Platform within a week.

Please note, you may be required to get your Company approval depending on your shareholder agreement / company constitution.

What are the benefits of Listing on PrimaryMarkets

Fully customised Platform: each listing is accessible only to those parties the listing company permits.

Flexible share trading rules: the trading rules and restrictions are set by the listing company.

Transaction controls: timing, conditions of sale (price & volume) are set by the listing company.

Share Registry Services: A full-service solution for the listing company and their shareholders.

KYC / CTF / AML Verification: online, simple process undertaken within minutes.
Escrow Services: seamless and online.

Investor notifications: Listing company determines what information is made available on the Platform (e.g., accounts, investor presentations, videos research notes and the like).

Dedicated customer support: 24/7 assistance from the PrimaryMarkets team.

Targeted investors: Direct access to our 110,000+ global professional investor network.

Who Should List on our Platform?

  • Private andPublic unlisted companies
  • Private / unlisted REITS / Funds
  • Delisted ASX companies

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