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Legal and compliance


Trading requirements

What is PrimaryMarkets’ Compliance Policy?
Does PrimaryMarkets operate across multiple jurisdictions?
How does PrimaryMarkets protect my personal information?
What is a Private Company/Fund Listing?
How do I list my company/fund onto PrimaryMarkets?
What information is required to list my company/fund?
Is there a Minimum Market Capitalisation to List?
How do I Create a Listing for a Seller of Shares (not being a company listing)?
What are the benefits of Listing on PrimaryMarkets
Who Should List on our Platform?
What is KYC/CTF/AML?
How do I comply with my KYC/CTF/AML requirements?
What information is collected for KYC/CTF/AML?
What is required for Self-Managed Super Fund /Companies:
What happens if I do not pass the KYC/CTF/AML check?
What are Escrow Services?
Who is our Escrow Provider?
Who holds the Money?
What is The Escrow Process:
How does a Buyer make Payments into Escrow?
How does the share transfer work?
What if the other party will not approve the release of escrow funds?
Disputes between Buyer and Seller in regard to escrowed funds
Are escrow funds segregated?
How do I make payments into PrimaryMarkets Escrow?
What are the fees for using PrimaryMarkets Escrow?
Are Escrowed funds invested in the stock market?
Australian Licences to operate an Escrow Service
Still have more Questions?
What is Trading?
How to Open and Account?
How do I trade shares?
Can I amend my trade order?
Is there a Minimum Trade Order Value?
Who can be a seller?
Who can be a buyer?
Why the need to restrict “retail” investors from being permitted buyers?
Where do I complete the Sophisticated Investor Status Verification?
What happens if I am based outside Australia?


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