Stay private longer using the power of private markets

Is the private company you own or are a shareholder of

  • Unable to access external sources of capital to fund growth?
  • Experiencing no liquidity in its shares, causing issues for shareholders?
  • Struggling to diversify its shareholder base with sophisticated investors?
  • Considering an IPO but not ready for the significant cost and governance requirements?

Going public can seem like the obvious solution, but listing on a public exchange comes with a host of risks and challenges.
Not to mention ongoing additional costs, disclosure and compliance requirements headaches.

There is another way.

List your company on PrimaryMarkets to discover liquidity in your shares, and increase your valuation through the secondary trading market.

How it works


Meet your new deal manager

They will be your guide into the world of private markets, and will be with you every step of the way from first call to first trade


Tell us your story

We listen to your business requirements and have you trading in no time


Set your own market rules

Decide your own trading windows and who gets to trade and maintain complete control of your liquidity


We promote your business

Via our website and online channels to our global network of sophisticated investors


Watch your shares get traded

Investors will be able to buy and sell shares in your unlisted company online

Why choose PrimaryMarkets


We’ve been helping companies discover liquidity through private markets since 2016


You control the platform. You set the trading rules. You have full control to set the parameters of your market including setting trading windows


PrimaryMarkets believe in long term relationships built helping companies reach their maximum valuation. We provide support to companies throughout their growth cycle


We built Australia’s number 1 trading platform for unlisted companies that supports end-to-end online trading, visible market depth, digital onboarding with automated verification

We work with companies that are:

Both public (over 50 shareholders) and private/proprietary (under 50 shareholders)

Not listed on a stock exchange, or delisted, from a stock exchange

Well established and with a strong track record
Strategically focused with a growth trajectory

List your company

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