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Global leader in digital entertainment, blockchain and gamification

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Investment Highlights

A Deloitte Tech Fast winner, a Fortune Crypto 40 company, and one of the Financial Times High Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2023

Amassed a portfolio of 450 Web3 investments

Delivering digital property rights to the world’s gamers an internet user building and contributing to building the open metaverse

Company Overview

Global leader in digital entertainment, blockchain and gamification

Animoca Brands introduces 3 NFT licenses with creator royalties, available under a creative commons license

Animoca Brands is a global leader in the metaverse

The company was founded in 2014 by Yat Siu and David Kim. The company, along with its numerous subsidiaries, creates and releases blockchain games, conventional games, and various products. These often feature well-known global brands such as Disney, WWE, Power Rangers, MotoGP™, Formula E, and Snoop Dogg.

The goal of Animoca Brands is to provide digital property rights to gamers and internet users worldwide, establishing a novel asset class and play-to-earn economies. For example, this could include different skins (costumes) in games, in-game equipment like swords and armour, and digital land. This initiative aims to foster a fairer digital landscape and contribute to the development of the open metaverse.

The combined properties of ownership and rarity offer game players and collectors something that was not possible in digital content before the advent of blockchain, unlocking a whole new world that combines the games industry with blockchain technology.

Animoca Brands is headquartered in Hong Kong with offices and subsidiaries in the United States, Canada, Argentina, South Korea, Finland, Estonia, France, Germany, Australia, and the Czech Republic. As of February 2023, Animoca Brands employs approximately 1,000 people across all of its subsidiaries.

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Products & Services

Current Blockchain Projects
Animoca Moca


Mocaverse by unites the Web3 community to exchange ideas, learn, connect, play games, cultivate a resilient Web3 culture and build a better future for Web3. It comprises 8,888 NFTs called Mocas, each belonging to one of five tribes. Each tribe represents the diverse yet complementary personas of changemakers in Web3.

Animoca Anichess


Anichess is a decentralized chess-inspired game by Animoca Brands in partnership with Play Magnus Group (PMG) and its Champions Chess Tour. Anichess is dedicated to preserving the core ethos of chess as a predominantly skill-based and free-to-play game.

Animoca Revv


REVV is the primary currency of utility, purchase and action in all REVV Motorsport blockchain games. REVV is designed to enable true digital ownership of game assets, giving players freedom and control over their NFT in-game items across the metaverse.

Animoca Wreck


Wreck League is the pre-eminent mech sports organization, known for spectacular battles, customization and competition. From a distant junk moon to the formation of B.R.A.W.L, Wreck League grew to become the pinnacle of mechanized events.

Primary Game Products
Animoca Torque Burnout


Torque Burnout is an unashamedly over the top ‘driving’ game combining the best of racing games! Grip the wheel, put your foot down and drive, completing donuts and drifts like a champion. Evolve your ride and push it to its limits, rally the crowd into a frenzy and push it some more to reign supreme as the BURNOUT KING!

Animoca Drift


Build your car, earn sponsors and compete on the world stage to become a DRIFT KING! Experience REAL drifting physics! Smoke it up in tournaments, or kick back on the squad in Open Lobbies! Get your hands DIRTY! Tune your camber, toe and suspension to SLAM your ride and DOMINATE the track!

Animoca Benji


Benji Bananas is a free-to-play mobile game available for download on the App Store and Google Play. A popular action game (over 50 million downloads) in which players make Benji the monkey and his friends leap from vine to vine. By playing Benji Bananas you earn tokens that can be swapped for ApeCoin.

Animoca Seigecraft


Siegecraft® Commander is the latest instalment of the Siegecraft® franchise. Combining twitch mechanics and positional tactics to build a fortress with specialised towers. Everything is performed by adjusting the angle and trajectory of projectiles. Fans Moonbase Commander will appreciate the fresh look and feel.

For a full list of their Blockchain projects, please click here
Recent Funding Update – 11 September 2023

Animoca Brands raises US$20M for its Mocaverse project

Animoca Brands envisions Mocaverse as the identity and point system for Web3 gaming, culture, entertainment

Animoca Brands announced it has received binding commitments for a funding round to accelerate Mocaverse, one of the Company’s marquee projects. Animoca Brands has raised US$20 million (approximately A$31.3 million) via the issue of new ordinary shares at a price per share of A$4.50; as part of the raise, the Company has granted to the investors in the found a free-attaching token warrant on a 1:1 dollar basis.

Key financial highlights as of 31 December 2022 (non-IFRS measures)

Bookings of A$594 million (approximately US$402 million) for the 12 months ending on 31 December 2022 (1). This compares to total bookings of A$428 million (approximately US$291 million) for the prior 12 months ending on 31 December 2021. Bookings (2) include token sales, NFT sales, and other non-blockchain activities.

Cash and stablecoin balances of A$286 million (approximately US$191 million).

Liquid digital assets of A$690 million (approximately US$469 million), which includes reserves of SAND, the utility token used in The Sandbox platform.

Off-balance sheet token reserves for all other Animoca Brands majority owned Web3 subsidiaries of A$2.4 billion (approximately US$1.6 billion). These reserves include the Animoca Brands tokens PROS, ASTRAFER, QUIDD, PRIMATE, REVV, TOWER, GMEE, and others.

Minority investment portfolio of over 380 portfolio companies.

The Company recently released 2020 audited financial statements and is working on completing 2021 audited financial statements.

Key Business Highlights

Capital raises: In 2022, the Company announced both equity and convertible debt fundraising activities. The equity capital raise was in two tranches. The first was a total of US$358,888,888; the second was US$75,320,000. The convertible debt raise was US$110,000,000, bringing in new strategic investors. In addition, Animoca Brands expanded into Japan launching Animoca Brands Japan and raising ¥1,100,000,000 (approximately US$10,000,000) of funding in its seed round in January 2022 and US$45,000,000 in August 2022.

Acquisitions: Animoca Brands completed acquisitions of 6 companies during 2022, including Grease Monkey Games, a Melbourne-based developer of high-quality motorsports games; Life Beyond Studios (previously known as Darewise), a game developer founded by veterans of the AAA games industry; Notre Game, a game development and publishing company known for Scratch Wars; TinyTap, the leading edtech platform for user-generated educational games; Be. (previously known as Be Media), an Australian digital marketing agency focusing on key opportunities in Australia centered around blockchain development; and PIXELYNX, a music metaverse gaming platform founded by musicians and technologists deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) and Richie Hawtin (Plastikman) along with music and gaming industry veterans.

New business line: In 2022 Animoca Brands launched a Web3 services business to advise Web2 and Web3 companies on implementing tokens and NFTs into their business models. Animoca Brands has accrued extensive experience in this area since 2018, having implemented tokens and NFTs in various of its own games and subsidiaries. The Company seeks to be the leading service provider for Web2 companies looking to expand into Web3 and for Web3 companies looking to improve the performance of their token and NFT projects. The Company’s Web3 services contributed approximately US$120 million of total bookings in 2022.

New leadership: Animoca Brands appointed several new personnel to senior management positions in 2022, including Alan Lau as chief business officer, Minh Do as co-chief operating officer, Jared Shaw as chief financial officer, Jamii Quoc as head of legal -commercial and M&A (promoted to deputy general counsel in 2023), Josh Du as head of digital assets portfolio, and others.

Major product developments: Phantom Galaxies, an open world mech combat game developed by Animoca Brands’ subsidiary Blowfish Studios, raised US$19,300,000 from its heavily oversubscribed Planet Private Sale; subsidiary TinyTap launched and sold its first Publishers NFTs for 138.926 ETH (approximately US$228,000 at time of sale). Mocaverse, Animoca Brands’ official PFP NFT collection, was launched in December 2022 to strengthen Animoca Brands’ ecosystem of Web3 and metaverse-centric projects.

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