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Compliance & Governance, Consumer Confidence, Competency & Quality for Aged Care and Disability Care providers









Investment Highlights

Significant Growth Potential: Positioned in rapidly expanding sectors with substantial government funding, receiving approximately over $60 billion annually.

Regulatory Risk Mitigation: Amid ongoing aged care reforms, our much-needed solution mitigates the heightened regulatory scrutiny and non-compliance risks faced by providers and averts potential sanctions.

Strong Return Potential: Projecting a conservative 2x capital return to investors upon achieving management of 20,000 beds.

International Appeal: While ADIQAT has a footprint in Australia, it has gained strong interest from global markets including the UK, Japan, and the US.

Company Overview

ADIQAT transforms the Aged Care and NDIS sectors by optimising regulatory adherence, risk management and daily operations. Integrated technologies and algorithms securely capture and analyse data, helping providers deliver quality care and exceed compliance to foster trust among all stakeholders.

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Innovative Solutions for Growing Sectors

ADIQAT offers a pioneering SaaS platform that addresses pressing issues in the aged care and disability sectors, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing risks and costs. 


Unique Approach to Compliance

Innovatively addressing risk and compliance challenges within the aged care and disability sectors, supporting providers and workers to improve their capabilities through real-time tailored insights into their individual compliance status.


Market Expansion and Adaptability

Designed for scalability, ADIQAT is poised to not only dominate the Australian market but also facilitate seamless compliance and operational excellence internationally, ensuring sustainable growth and reduced risks for aged care and disability service providers.


Strategic Government and Sector Alignment

Positioned to meet the stringent requirements of government bodies and regulatory authorities like the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, ADIQAT enhances transparency and performance across small, medium, and enterprise-level care providers, aligning with national priorities for care quality and compliance.

ADIQAT is an Australian cloud-based software company with a global reach, focused on transforming outdated and inefficient business practices into innovative, compliant, and cost-effective online solutions. Their mission is to develop tools that redefine how businesses operate, making them more streamlined, compliant, and effective, no matter where they are in the world.

The current focus is on completing the development of their first product, ADIQAT, a centralised platform designed to meet the unique needs of the aged care industry. Alongside product development, ADIQAT is launching a robust marketing campaign that includes direct outreach to the Federal Government to showcase the platform's advanced compliance capabilities. Through these efforts, the aim is to establish ADIQAT as a key player in the reimagining compliance, accreditation and risk management practices.


ADIQAT Platform

ADIQAT’s innovative SaaS solution addresses critical challenges in Australia's aged care and disability sectors by streamlining compliance and operational tasks, enabling providers to prioritise care management while reducing compliance risks and audit costs.

It seamlessly integrates advanced technologies with key features such as advanced analytics and AI, real-time reporting, comprehensive governance, risk and compliance (GRC) functionality and user-friendly interfaces, setting our product apart from existing solutions.

ADIQAT empowers care and service providers to shift from a compliance mindset to a culture of excellence. ADIQAT’s innovative platform takes a unique approach to regulatory compliance, supporting workers to improve their capability through tailored insights into their individual compliance status. This elevates service provider performance by ensuring adherence to regulatory compliance, fostering transparency, and providing peace of mind to stakeholders. Real-time data demonstrating critical metrics allows for greater confidence and better decision-making that ultimately leads to better care outcomes.

Internal and external audits, along with accreditation assessments, become simpler and more efficient through embedding audit requirements into daily tasks, reducing risk and alleviating stress during auditing processes. External auditors can be granted access to a secure portal where providers can effortlessly share their performance data and all required documentation that is automatically collected by ADIQAT.

The integration with our future smart care solution, habitat+, further enhances compliance and risk management, ensuring safe, high-quality care delivery to aged care and NDIS participants. This integration addresses systemic issues such as risk, promoting transparency and adherence to care standards.


Market Opportunity and Investment

With the Australian Government focusing on issues of substandard care, risk mitigation and non-compliance, our market opportunity is vast and growing. We address the needs of the Government and the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission by enhancing the transparency and performance of small, medium and enterprise care and service providers.

Designed with adaptability in mind, the ADIQAT platform is not only optimised for the Australian market but also engineered to support similar levels of compliance and operational efficiency in international jurisdictions. With ADIQAT, aged care providers can confidently pursue growth while maintaining rigorous compliance and reducing sanction risks.

We invite investors to join us. Our clear development roadmap, strong financial projections, and experienced team position us for significant growth and impact. By investing in ADIQAT Pty Ltd, you are contributing to a national priority and achieve substantial returns. Together, we can ensure transparency, accountability, and high-quality care in Australia's Aged Care and NDIS sectors.

Transaction Overview

Terms of offer:
The Company’s main objective on completion of the Offer is to raise up to A$1M (before cost of funds) to provide the Company with the funds to seek to achieve the objectives set out as described in the “Use of Funds” section.

Investments are in return for up to 4 Million shares for a price A$0.25 per share with a minimum subscription for this offer being A$25,000.

The “Use of Funds” breakdown is a statement of current intentions as of the date of listing. As with any budget, intervening events (including software development, success or delays) and new circumstances have the potential to affect the manner in which the funds are ultimately applied.



Finalisation ADIQAT from proof of concept to market ready


Update of IP to align with revised Aged Care Quality Standards


Enhancements to align with aged care reforms


Addition of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) modules


Marketing & Sales

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