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Investment Highlights

An innovative company poised and ready for growth in AI for Marketing with proprietary AI & algorithms.

API Tech partners with Meta, Google, LinkedIn, TikTok, X (Twitter), Amazon, OpenAI, and more.

ADXL AI machine learning started in early 2021 and went to market in June 2022.

The most advanced digital advertising automation platform in the industry.

Nominated for the Governor of Victoria Awards 2023, recognizing innovation within the Advanced Technologies sector.

Company Overview

Early Market Entry

ADXL is among the first in its market, leveraging proprietary AI for comprehensive marketing solutions since mid-2022.

Strong Financial Performance

Demonstrated growth from A$1.3M in FY 2023 to over A$2.5M in FY 2023-24, indicating a solid upward trajectory.

Broad Market Appeal

Caters to a wide range of clients, from large corporations to small businesses and individual freelancers, ensuring a vast potential customer base.

Significant Market Potential

Targets a share of the global ad spend market, projected at A$756 billion in 2024, with a 5% annual growth rate.

Artificial intelligence, in its early stages and witnessing a rapid increase in usage and interest globally, is perfectly positioned. ADXL, as one of the first AIs for Marketing, MarTech, and AdTech sectors with a worldwide, diverse customer base, launched in 2022 (pre-ChatGPT boom!), is set to capitalize on the massive $875 billion ad spend and $125 billion AI market.


ADXL is an Australian private company leading in artificial intelligence for marketing, with global digital marketing and AI expertise.

Problem Addressed

Businesses struggle to connect with customers on multiple platforms due to limited marketing resources and expertise. ADXL identifies and targets this gap.

Early Market Entry

With the AI industry in its early stages, ADXL entered the market ahead of the 2023 AI boom, aiming to dominate in AI for digital marketing and with opportunity to achieve over $1 billion in revenue within five years.


ADXL aims to be the global go-to hub for advertisers, offering AI-driven, simple, and affordable digital marketing solutions to empower businesses worldwide.

Market Potential

With digital ad spending expected to hit $875 billion and the AI tool subscription market to reach $125 billion by 2026, ADXL is poised to capture significant market shares.

Operational Model

ADXL uses a mix of in-house and outsourced teams across Melbourne, India, the USA, Australia, the Philippines, Spain, and the USA, with centralized management in Australia for efficiency.

Growth and Funding

ADXL seeks to raise $5 million to tap into market opportunities, targeting over $25 million in revenue by 2024 and planning for an IPO to further double revenue in the next year.

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Products & Services

Introducing ADXL, the revolutionary AI marketing platform that makes professional-grade marketing accessible to any business. Imagine having a team of marketing experts, data analysts, and campaign optimizers working for you 24/7 – that's what ADXL brings to the table.

Simply tell ADXL about your product or service, your ideal customer, and your brand image, and our cutting-edge AI will create, manage, and optimize high-performing ad campaigns across all major platforms – Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Amazon Ads, and LinkedIn Ads – all in one user-friendly interface. ADXL eliminates the need for expensive agencies and complex marketing tech, saving you time, money, and frustration.

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Explore the Key Functionality Benefits for Users of ADXL

  • Every Goal Every Business  ADXL's AI-driven campaigns adapt seamlessly to any business objective—selling, lead generation, boosting awareness, and more, offering unmatched versatility.
  • Ready-to-Launch Ads Beyond mere images, ADXL crafts market-ready, professional ads and banners, complete with compelling copy for multi-channel outreach.
  • Retail Media Covered ADXL unifies key retail channels like Amazon, Google Shopping, and social media into one streamlined platform for effortless cross-channel sales.
  • Universal Ad Credit Wallet - ADXL ad credit wallet users can add credit and use it for advertising across multiple channels. Enabling efficient budget management and functions as a digital wallet.
  • Precision Audience Targeting With access to an extensive 300 million user database, ADXL enables precise targeting to connect businesses with their ideal audience.
  • Data Pool Inventory – ADXL features an inbuilt audience database of over 300 million profiles, enabling businesses to precisely target and reach the right people.
  • Unlock First-Party Data - ADXL stands out as one of the few platforms where businesses can upload their customer data, synchronize it with social profiles, and execute retargeting campaigns across multiple channels.
  • Instant Lead Forms - ADXL is the only platform in the market that synchronizes one native instant lead form across all three major networks: Google, Meta, and LinkedIn, making it a comprehensive cross-channel lead generation engine.
  • Analytics with Automated Tracking - ADXL has its own analytics system, like Google Analytics. By placing an ADXL tag on a website, it captures all user data and manages tracking codes on your website automatically through AI.
  • Effortless AI Retargeting Our AI eliminates the complexity of retargeting by automatically creating and refining lists for optimal re-engagement and results.
  • AI-Optimized Targeting ADXL's real-time AI targeting finds and engages the most interested users across all channels, optimizing ad placements for cost-effective campaigns.

ADXL's Array of User Advantages

Simple: 80% Less Work
Get a complete marketing campaign with targeting ready to go live in under 10 minutes.

30% Less Spend

Optimize results from the most profitable channels, reducing costs.

For Everyone

Work with simple prompts—no expertise or knowledge needed.


If you don’t have ad accounts, use ADXL delivery or your ad accounts.

AI Replaces Messy Tasks

Targeting, segmentation, retargeting, remarketing, tracking, routine optimization, keyword research, ad copywriting, and more.

Multiple Revenue Points

  • Subscription: $49 per month
  • Pay-as-you-go Ad Spend: % of ad spend using ADXL's ad delivery system.
  • Data Access: Retarget-ready audience lists of 300 million user data available for purchase and use in campaigns.
  • Custom Services: On-request custom services.

Transaction Overview

Terms of offer: 

Option 1: Direct Equity

  • Raising Capital: A$5M to be raised based on the current company valuation of A$22.5M.
  • Share Offer Price: A$7.50 per share.
  • Minimum Investment Requirement: A$5,000.
  • Current Available Shares: 2,690,000 shares.
  • Offer Details: This offer pertains to ordinary shares in ADXL Pty Ltd. No options or different classes of shares have been issued.
  • Shares Allocated for This Offer: 660,000 shares.
  • Equity Interest: The full raising of A$5M represents a 22.22% equity interest in the company.
  • Valuation: The offer is made at current valuation of A$22.5M
  • Previous Funding Round: In July 2022, A$350,000 was raised at A$0.45 per share.

Option 2: Convertible Notes

  • Interest Rate: 8% per annum 
  • Conversion Discount: 15%
  • Maturity: 18 months
  • Maximum Allocation: Up to A$3M (part of the total A$5M raise)



John O'Brien

Advisor / Non-Executive Director

Mitchel Craig

Founder / Director

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