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Payleadr t/a aglow

Raising A$1.2M

Pre-money valuation A$5M

Minimum investment A$25,000

Investment Highlights

Revenue generating, global first platform leading the salon membership movement

Helping salons, spas, and clinics secure cashflow and improve business valuation through ARR delivered via client membership programs

Improving affordability and accessibility of treatments and services for consumers, through subscription payment options

Tech and people in place, proven scalability and unit economics. Profitability in CY 2024

Company Overview

aglow launched only in May 2023

Now 310+ active salons across AU and NZ, leadership position established

Best in class SaaS margins (83% gross margin). Monetising across multiple revenue levers

Tech, along with experienced team and board in place. Break-even in 2024 and extend AU/NZ leadership position with a view to a US beachhead in 2025

aglow is an innovative platform designed to revolutionize the beauty industry by empowering salon, spa, and clinic professionals with a robust membership program.

aglow not only enhances operational cash flow but also uplifts client loyalty and revenue consistency. Memberships democratize skin, hair and beauty care, making it more accessible for clients to invest in regular treatments through manageable instalments, leading to higher engagement and spend. 

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For salons, spas, and clinics, aglow offers a significant decrease in no-show rates and a considerable uptick in overall annual spend by members. Our hands-on customer support, hassle-free payment management, and comprehensive analytics offer a seamless experience for both salons and their clients.

With aglow, businesses can expect improved valuations due to predictable ARR, and clients enjoy the ease of maintaining their beauty routines, making it a win-win proposition for all stakeholders in the booming beauty membership economy.

Products & Services

Recurring revenue changes a salon owner's business and life.

Turning walk-in custom into locked-in revenue allows owners to grow their businesses, achieve better valuations and enable better work/life balance.

aglow combine technology, payments and beauty industry expertise. The proprietary digital platform manages tens of thousands of memberships, on behalf of hundreds of businesses across Australia and New Zealand processing tens of millions of dollars in committed recurring revenue for clients each year (including under the original Payleadr brand).

aglow handle all elements of the payment arrangements, including customer sign-up, payment processing, settlement, customer support and failed payment follow up
The aglow academy, support and content helps salon design compelling and profitable memberships
aglow help salons market through EDM, digital, POS and events with practical guides and resources

aglow believe that 50% of salon clients will engage with their salon through membership within 5 years.

30 years ago gyms were mainly pay as you go, like beauty today. Now the recurring payment membership adaption across gyms is close to 100%.

This membership movement will be as impactful for this industry as gym memberships have been for the fitness industry.

Transaction Overview

Payleadr Pty Ltd trading as aglow is raising A$1.2M on a pre-money valuation of A$5M with A$600K already committed.

This raise will take aglow through A$1M ARR and on the path to international expansion.

Funds will be used to accelerate merchant aquisition via digital marketing whilst driveing consumer addoption 

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