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Company Overview

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ARC Ento Tech

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Company Overview

ARC Ento Tech Ltd is a 100% Australian owned public company that developed and owns the patent pending technology for the ARC Process™. A new innovative and comprehensive technology for Mixed Solid Waste processing that can reduce MSW volumes in landfill by over 75%.

Technology – The ARC Process™ is a comprehensive approach to mixed solid waste processing.
Services – We provide comprehensive and innovative solutions to mixed solid waste and agricultural waste issues.

Mixed solid waste (MSW) is generated in every country around the world and in increasing volumes annually. In 2018, in Australia, the total volume of waste generated was 67 million tonnes of which 27 million tonnes consisting of organics and inorganics ended up buried in landfill. The balance is being recycled and at least 2 million tonnes was used as an alternative fuel source but mass incineration is currently prohibited in Australia.

ARC Ento Tech has created a comprehensive approach to MSW Processing called the ARC Process™.

An innovative and comprehensive patent-pending system that cost-effectively segregates and recovers all MSW components in one continuous process
Recovers, re-forms and re-purposes over 75% of MSW content into environmentally friendly and commercially viable products.
A bio-digesting system utilising the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia Illucens) to consume digestible organic materials in the waste stream through a continuous process.
The recovery and re-forming of all residual organic and inorganics (plastics) to produce RDR (Refuse Derived Reductants™), a proprietary product unique to the ARC Process.

The ARC Process

The ARC Process™ consists of processes that are used to recover, re-form and re-purpose all mixed unsegregated waste components. The objective is to reduce and ultimately eliminate the need to bury residual mixed solid waste in landfills. The design has been researched and developed over several years and this important and unique innovation has its patent pending.

The mobile prototype plant for the ARC Process™ is expected to be operational by mid to late 2021 and it will become the basis on which the Company can initially present a working model of the process to Councils and landfill owner/ operators in Australia.

Within the core of the Company’s ARC Process™ are two key innovative processing solutions consisting of 1. A bio -process and 2. A mechanical process. Both of which recover, reform and repurpose waste components into new, sustainable and potentially commercial products.