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Australian Gulf Capital


Tech-focused Venture Capital Fund with teams in Australia and the Middle East that nurtures disruptor startups into high-growth ventures.
Fund Size $100M. Targeted IRR 30%

Business Highlights

Flagship Fund (AGVCFI) invests in high-potential, tech start-ups from a diversified geographical base that includes USA, Europe, Middle East, Pakistan, Australia, and Africa.

Investment thesis is biased toward the innovative Web3 and Blockchain sectors (such as DeFi, Metaverse, Gaming),  scalable FinTech and Ecommerce providers and the rapidly growing Healthtech and Edutech industries. We look for businesses that have amplifying networking effects with experienced founding teams and brilliant ideas.

The Board and IC members include former Chairman, CEOs, and Executives from top tier global investment banks. Collectively, our team has over US$600B of transactional experience.

A MEAP and Australia focused Fund targeting pre-seed to Series A stage venture investment opportunities across various verticals.

  • Fund size: A$100M (first close A$25M)
  • Investment Stage: Pre-Seed to Series A
  • Minimum investment size $50K
  • Investment areas of interest
    • Fintech
    • Blockchain/metaverse/gaming
    • Agritech
    • Edutech
    • Ecommerce
    • Businesses with networking effect
  • Targeted Investment Return: Target IRR 30%
  • Provide co-investment opportunities to Limited Partners in the most promising deals


  • $600B of transactions under the belt
  • Former Chairman, CEO and Execs of top Tier Global investment banks
  • Fund Manager – founding CFO of a Middle Eastern unicorn
  • Versatile skillset that includes investment banking, consulting, legal and advisory
  • Global presence and network

Company Overview

A global investment manager leveraging seasoned expertise to execute venture capital investment opportunities that deliver high- value to shareholders.

Diversified investor base with proximity to high-net-worth investors and family offices from the GCC and Australia. The fund specialise in alternative investments and establishing global relationships.

Australian Gulf Capital invests in businesses that have the potential to become industry unicorns. Via a global network, the team has access to opportunities that span the spectrum of some of Tech’s most exciting sectors, including fintech, blockchain, metaverse, gaming, e-commerce, healthtech, edutech and agritech.


Investment Strategy

Predominantly focused on the MEAP and Australia region, a market that experienced a record year-on-year growth in venture capital investments in 2021. Australian Gulf Capital believes the region is emerging as the next frontier for VC investments among the emerging markets.

The fund managers deploy smart capital and leverage portfolio synergies to consistently deliver outperformance to their clients. With each opportunity, they look for exceptional teams, brilliant ideas, scalable businesses, large addressable markets and a defined exit strategy. When investing, they apply the abilities to add value and strive to positively influence commercial outcomes.

Benefits to our LPs

The first 10 investors that invest >2.5 mil USD will receive a share of the GP

Co-investment opportunities in the most attractive deals of the fund

Access to highly sought after and late stage deals from US and Europe

Incubators and Blockchain Ticket sizes between $25K and $100K
Pre Seed Ticket sizes between $75K and $200K
Seed Ticket sizes between $200K and $500K
Series A+ Ticket sizes between $500K and $2.5M

Allocation of Funds

Incubators and Blockchain 15%
Pre Seed 25%
Seed 25%
Series A+ 35%



Targeted Investments

LP Co-Investment Opportunities

Global Network

Pre-Seed to Series A Investment Stage


Investor Presentation

Value-Driven Investment Approach

Geography: MEAP and Australia

Fund Size: $100M (1st close $25M)

Fund Life: 7 years (option to extend +2 years)

GP Fees: Management Fees

  • First $30M commitment: 2.5% p.a.
  • Portion above $30M: 2% p.a.
  • 1st anniversary: 2% p.a.

Thereafter, reducing by 10 basis points every anniversary, to a minimum 1.6% p.a.

Carried interest: 20%


May 2022
Australian Gulf Capital Presentation

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Salman Masaud

CEO, Founder, General Partner & Executive Director

Mustafa Kheriba

Non-Executive Director

Peter O’Malley

Non-Executive Director

Warwick Gregor

Non-Executive Director

Adam Malouf

Non-Executive Director

Salman Masaud

CEO, Founder, General Partner & Executive Director

Kal Desai

General Partner & Investment and Advisory Committe Member

Anthony D’Silva

Investment and Advisory Committe Member

Marc Aouad

Investment and Advisory Committe Member

Adam Malouf

Non-Executive Director

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