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Austvolt Pty Ltd

Raising A$8M

Pre-money valuation A$29M

Minimum investment A$25,000

Investment Highlights

Project IRR of 40% and NPV of $600m+

Co-located with only battery grade nickel plant in the world providing geographic advantage unlike anyone else

Diversity in value chain away from single market concentration and opportunity to invest downstream in Australia

Outstanding team and Government support

Company Overview

Opportunity to invest early in the battery value chain producing battery materials

Negotiations for the plant offtake in progress with US and European Car

Facility to be based in Kwinana, WA’s premier industrial estate

co-located with the BHP Nickel West refinery, the only one in the world that can produce battery grade nickel sulphate at scale

Production from Demonstration scale facility

1000 tons per annum already committed to US Cathode Active Material producer/cell manufacturer

Austvolt is developing a battery precursor manufacturing facility in Western Australia. It is the first of its kind in Australia and will allow Australia to participate in the value chain for batteries, which to date has been dominated by Asia. Through its product, Austvolt will enable lighter electric vehicles, with faster charging time and considerably more energy density.

Australia is a natural country for manufacturing pre-cursors, given all the minerals required for a battery are mined and processed in Western Australia.

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The facility will produce 40,000t of battery precursors in Kwinana, which is WA’s premier industrial estate. It will process a combination of nickel, cobalt and manganese for the car manufacturing market, targeting car makers in Europe, the US and premium markets of Asia.

The team is led by Western Australia’s former energy minister and treasurer, Mike Nahan and boasts the only individual in Australia to produce high nickel precursors in Australia.

Products & Services

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The cathode precursor is a high-value and specifically engineered material that contains nickel, cobalt, and manganese. When combined with Lithium it becomes the cathode material for Lithium batteries.

By developing a commercial scale cathode precursor material manufacturing plant in Western Australia, we will be able to guarantee ethical sourcing and traceability, while helping drive Australia’s advanced manufacturing ambitions.

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The global supply of Li-ion batteries is expected to grow 15-fold from 2020 to 2030
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3.2B tonnes in CO2 emissions from hydrocarbon fuelled cars worldwide in 2020
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Worldwide electric car sales are estimated to have soared to 6.7 million units in 2021 from 3.1 million in 2020
Australia supplies about 60 per cent of the world’s lithium

The lithium battery supply chain is growing at a rapid rate to meet the huge demands of the global electrification of our energy supply. Austvolt intends to capitalise on the opportunity to be a key player in the global growth of the lithium battery supply chain. We will be able to do this through our close proximity to the critical raw materials required to manufacture lithium battery cells, access to technology and a skilled workforce. By reducing the cost the raw material shipping cost, developing a highly automated plant and working closely with other industry leaders, we believe we will be able to drive strong commercial outcomes.

Transaction Overview

Raising A$8M on a pre-money valuation of A$29M

The offer price is A$2.00 per share with a minimum investment size of A$25,000.

Previous Funding: December 2020 A$1M was raised at A$0.40 per share.

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