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Axiom Holographics

The world’s leading hologram technology company









Investment Highlights

Company Overview

Transaction Overview



Transaction Summary
Axiom Holographics

Raising A$2.5M

Minimum Investment A$25,000

Investment Highlights

High-profile investors include people from organisations like: Leica, Oman royal family, Softbank, Morgan’s and Mincom

Looking to IPO in the US within the next 2 years

Company Overview

World first and most advanced Hologram Zoo

Exceptional Management team

Rapid Growth

Existing Customers include US Navy, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Airbus, Bentley, Saudi Aramco, Bill Gate’s Luxury Four Seasons Resort and several universities

New headquarters in the US

with plans to expand sales in Asia and Europe

The company has invented many pieces of core technology that allow them to produce devices that are much more advanced than anything else around. Products include hologram tables, rooms, walls, tunnels, and other devices. They produce these devices in their factory in Australia and export them to the world.

Offices in Australia and Texas, with distributors in Oman, Japan, Europe and India.

Products sell for $40k to $300k depending on the product, the products have a 300% or more profit margin

The company has two divisions: Commercial (Government, Defence, Education, Architecture) the other division is Entertainment (Theme Parks, Museums, Zoos, Events, etc).

The company has no competitors in most fields and in fields where competitors do exist, Axiom produces more advanced devices for 5% of the competitor’s price due to Axiom’s efficient internal manufacturing capabilities

The company needs to expand its sales team to process all these new opportunities

Who are Axiom Holographics?

Axiom Holographics are an Australian global leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of the most advanced, and low-cost, holographic devices on the market.

Axiom produces holograms at 5% of the cost of other manufacturers and are positioned to distribute to a broad range of industries with applications across military, research, entertainment and much more.

Axiom has an extensive customer base including US Navy, Lockheed Martin, Royal Australian Airforce and the Qatar Military. They have high-profile investors including Leica, Sheik Salem of Oman and Morgans Financial.

Transaction Overview

Raising A$2.5M on a pre-money valuation of A$120M

Minimum investment size of A$25,000

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