Biosignals Diagnostics


A$1.03M (pre money valuation at A$4.89M)


Biometric data from specially designed, easily worn devices.

Business Highlights

Biosignals Diagnostics provides solutions in several globalmarkets. The services offer tailored solutions based on unmet needs or improved standard of care, delivered to Primary Care Clinics, Cardiology Clinics, Pharmacies, Aged Care, Veterans and general public consumers.

Heart disease remains the biggest killer in the world and death rates are estimated to double in the next 20 years.

By integrating biometric data from specially designed, easily worn devices,
and patient genomics, Biosignals Diagnostics is able to deliver an outstanding value based care platform.

Our products include a Hand-held wireless ECG monitor and a three lead telemetry device with real time ECG streaming in development.

Our flagship will be a multi-function diagnostic device using Graphene sensors and a diagnostic machine learning platform to incorporate genomics, imaging, lifestyle and other data as a ‘meaningful use’ resource integrated in clinical patient management.

Biosignals Diagnostics will be a DIRECT healthcare service provider.

This ultimately means predicting and preventing these serious diseases and ensuring the right treatments are available to patients faster, with a higher degree of confidence that the treatments will work.

Why Biosignals Dx:
Cardiac disease and stroke care

  • Improving population health – preventing and managing prevalent, costly diseases
  • Reducing cost of healthcare – reducing resources utilization and readmissions
  • Improving patient experience – engaging patients to take a role in better outcomes
  • Improving provider satisfaction – lower burden and less burnout of clinicians

Product suite:

  • ECG me – Point in time ECG snapshot configurable up to 10 minutes monitoring duration. Converts to a 2 electrode 24hr on-body monitor for clinical use. TGA approved
  • Intelligent Diagnostics & Management Platform
  • ECG3 me (available 2022)
  • OMNI me (available 2024)

Precision Healthcare





Investment summary

  • Total raising A$1,035,000
  • Pre-money valuation A $4,895,000
  • Equity offered 15%
  • Target markets are clinical and consumer (one device)
  • Hand-held device has TGA approval
  • Sporting, Pharmacy, Aged Care applications Generating revenue by Nov 2021
  • Demand from clinical and consumer groups confirmed 3 Lead device development to complete Dec 2021
  • Reimbursements up to US $600 per session clinical use First of 6 patents to be filed Jan 2022
  • The Company believes that it qualifies as an Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) per Australian Taxation Office guidance.



Richard Rendell

Managing Director & Founder

Christopher Pendlebury

Chief Science Officer

Hayden Pitout

Chief Technical Officer

Kevin Hollingsworth

Company Secretary

Lexie Qin

Head of Product Engineering

Renee Ge

AI & Data Sciences Engineering

Stephan G Foy – MB ChB MD (Otago) FRACP FCSANZ

Consulting Cardiologist & Clinical Advisor

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