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Company Overview

The Company is a luxury swimwear brand using the world’s highest quality fabrics from Italy and France. Products are certified eco-sensitive, sustainable, ethically sourced and are made in Australia.

Company Highlights

Trademarked fabric exclusive to the Company with breakthrough technology that sculpts and smooths the body for superior fit, comfort and confidence

Highly competent and driven team with superior business and digital marketing skills plus a local Sydney team of swim/fashion production experts

High margin product (80%+ in own retail channels) with large global market

Well established range of over 120 styles plus constant new releases

Strong and growing brand with good social and fashion media presence

Target $2M revenue in FY19 and $10M revenue in FY20

Target >$50M p.a. global business within 5 years within $26B global market

Australian Summer Sales & 2018 Achievements:
Experienced strong Australian summer sales with 5x increase in sales from the same period last year. December online sales along surpassed $150,000 and January 2019 sales reaching $100,000

Released the Signature Collection of essential pieces that transcend seasonal trends, become synonymous with its brand and be marketed year-round

Shifted its entire business model, including production and marketing, from traditional wholesale to direct-to-consumer ecommerce, which enables Bondi Born to launch and market new products all year round

Continued to build on ‘Dropship’ as their secondary distribution strategy (Dropship operates by integrating their site directly to the retailer’s)

Appointed Sydney-based DigiVest as their global digital marketing partner:

Introduced video advertising as the key format in their creative strategy

Drove sales through their AU site of ~$150,000 in December 2018 and ~$100,000 in January 2019, up from ~$30,000/month a year earlier

Achieved ROAS results (return on ad spend) of between 3-1 and 6-1

Grown the number of Australian women purchasing through their site to ~2000 (13% of whom have purchased more than once)

Grown their Australian email database to 5,700 subscribers

Grown their Instagram following to over 42,000

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