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Digital Lender with 4 distinct product offerings (including Buy Now Pay Later), which are unique from its competitors
Significant Growth Opportunity in Asia
Highly Attractive Returns.

Business Highlights

Capital C Corporation is a FINTECH company based in Singapore since 2011 that seeks to revolutionise the future of underserved lending. Capital C’s goal is to be the region’s leading digital lender that provides the underserved easily accessible and quick affordable credit using its proprietary AI-powered credit scoring methodology. The Group’s vision is to make the entire underserved population in SEA “bankable”.

Company Overview

Capital C Corporation “(Cap C)” capitalises on fintech and the best emerging technologies in the market to provide financial services to the under-served in Singapore.

Through its subsidiaries, Capital C provides holistic financial solutions to individuals and businesses. These services include individual loans, business loans, auto financing and Buy Now Pay Later.

By investing in promising businesses and sourcing for potential partners, Capital C also continually sources for opportunities to serve both its investors and customers.


“Through its digital lending platform, Capital C seeks to provide its users with:

  • The convenience of applying loan from the comforts of home;
  • 24/7 availability of access to various lending functions;
  • Paperless processes;
  • Automated Payments options;
  • Alternative online payments solutions for online shopping;
  • Enhanced transparency; and
  • Financial inclusiveness, by extending lending services to remote areas.”

South East Asia is home to over 670 million people, of which an estimated 73% of the population are “underbanked”

There is a significant gap in the traditional banking penetration in the region, leaving at least 438 million individuals without any access to bank accounts, credit or debit cards, or access to lines of credit.

With the groundwork it has laid out Capital C is primed to bridge this gap and be spurred on to achieve exponential growth through market capture via its respective multiple product offerings

Using a set proprietary credit scoring rules and algorithms, the Group developed a credit scoring model which is able to accurately gauge the credit worthiness of the underbanked population and provide them with financing solutions.

The precision of these models are positively enhanced over time with the use of AI-powered tools, as more borrowing and repayment data iterates and optimises results.

Creating 4 Product Funnels for Different Segments – A unique financial ecosystem for the underserved population

  • Individual Lending 
    • Micro cash loan for individual (blue collar, white collar worker, gig workers)
    • Approximately 300K underserved individuals
  • Business Loans (Capitall)
      • Business loan for SME
      • Approximately 250K underserved companies
  • Auto Financing (Capitall Auto)
      • Auto finance for individual
      • Vehicle dealers looking for vehicles financing
      • Approximately 1M vehicles
  • Buy Now Pay Later (ChopNow)
      • Allows individuals to buy products now and pay in installments
      • Approximately 1m underserved individuals
      • 900,000 offline merchants can leverage on our e-commerce BNPL platform and obtain a trade financing from the SME lending arm.

With these models, Capital C aims to be the first of its kind to drive financial inclusion by providing a suite of financial solutions and offerings to the underbanked throughout the Southeast Asia

In the long run, Capital C desires to be the first of its kind to credit vet its users using its AI-powered proprietary credit algorithm to bridge the gap left by the traditional banks/financial institutions.

Further Detail of Each Product is Outlined Below 

Individual Lending – X (Redacted) Leverages On Digitalisation To Simplify Loan Application

In line with X’s goal of paving the way toward digital lending in Singapore and the greater Southeast Asia, this transformation will make a significant impact on the financial service industry, as it aims to reshape how individual loans work.

Instant Loan Approval
Using its digital loan platform, users of X can submit their loan applications anytime and anywhere, get their loan approved in less than 8 minutes.

As such, one can apply for a loan 24/7 online and simply drop by the outlet to verify and collect the loan at his or her convenience.

The digital loan platform is integrated with MyInfo, which allows customers to simply log in with their SingPass to pre-fill their information, hence reducing the time and effort required for manual inputs. This will greatly increase the efficiency of loan applications, as accurate information can be quickly retrieved from multiple government agencies and inserted accordingly, eliminating possible human error and need to scramble for information.

The highly efficient and fully automated loan approval process is made possible by utilising proprietary algorithmic formulas in advanced predictive scoring credit methodologies applied on comprehensive data set comprising of:
Information submitted by customers via Myinfo,
Real-time data points from credit bureaus,
And historical in-house data collated over the years.

Some notable achievements include:

  • Top in class reviews – 4.8* based on >1.5K google reviews
  • Won numerous accolades and service excellence awards including Singapore’s fastest Growing Company by Statista
  • 27X growth in loan book since 2011
  • ROE annualised 190% since inception

Loans for Businesses
Capitall empowers SMEs through financial provisions, such as factoring, liquidity financing, business and working capital loans, expansion/acquisition financing and bridging loans.

Capitall utilises a proprietary two-tiered credit algorithm to evaluate its users credit risk and enhance its credit prediction model.

Simple Repayment Options – Making repayment effortless by utilising customised digital repayment options designed to fit business needs.

Quick and Timely – Every minute is crucial to a business. With innovative self-serving loan application portal, applying for loans is quicker than ever. From application to loan disbursement, everything is approved and processed within 24 hours.

Tailored Solutions – As a Digital Finance Partner to SMEs, Capitall provide specially tailored loans that will maximise business opportunities.

  • SME loan book 11x growth in loan book since 2017
  • SME loan book low annualized NPL ~4% over 3 years – 90% customer retention

Capitall Auto provides hire purchases for cars and bikes, as well as car flooring and auto insurance.

  • Auto Loan book growth is at 26x since 2020
  • Auto Loan <1% NPL with all loan current
  • Merchant portal for the vehicle dealers
  • Back to back financing with banks/FI – Bridging the gap between traditional banks and the underserved population using our credit assessment model
  • Secured loan book


Chopnow Fintech Pte Ltd  is a financial solution that allows one to convert lump-sum purchase payments into smaller affordable instalments. You can now own your dream product!

Chopnow is the first of its kind BNPL solution for the underserved (those without debit or credit card). Further, with its unique offering of a longer repayment tenure, Chopnow is the go-to solution for the underserved in Singapore.

Chopnow is more than just a BNPL solution provider. In Q2 2022, Chopnow will roll-out a marketplace platform for its users to purchase various products from its platform. Chopnow has an experienced merchant acquisition team to assist offline merchants to go digital, which will increase their exposure and sales on our platform and enable these merchants to reach out to a wider target audience – the underserved.

  • Since inception conversion and application rates have grown 25%.
  • First partnership with Food Panda signed
  • <1% NPL with all loans current.

Empowering Growth

Driving Financial Inclusion

Digital Lender

Operational Efficiency

Transaction Overview

Investment Type: Equity Capital Raise
Target Issuance Size: SGD$15M
Valuation: SGD$85M (S&P Global)
Investment Exit: Listing on Major Stock Exchanges* by 2026
Investment “Guarantee” An (“Equity Put”) exercisable by the equity holder commencing any time after the 5th anniversary of the Closing, at a price equal to 1.4 times (40% premium) its Original Purchase Price.


The equity capital raised will be used to accelerate Capital C’s rapid growth expansion, technology and product development, talent acquisition and to acquire and onboard new merchants


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Jeames Cheow

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Jjohn Cheow

Chief Investment Officer and Co-founder

Thomas Kong Kar Wai

Senior Business Advisor and Non-Executive Director

Leow Tze Wen


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