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CrossFund Limited

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CrossFund Limited

Company Overview

Series A funding round raising US$5M with a valuation cap of US$45M

CrossFund is built by Angels for Angels. It is an invitation-only, professional cross-border investing platform that empowers accredited investors to buy shares in early-stage tech companies in emerging markets. The platform provides clear, frictionless, valuable benefits to all key stakeholders: angel investors, startups and incubators/accelerators.

Companies invested in increased their valuation from a range of a minimum of 2.1x to a max of 8.3x in 3-6 months

100% of portfolio companies have raised funds

100% of closed campaigns have reached the minimum

43% of closed campaigns have hit or surpassed the minimum target

US$900K monthly funds raised reached

+US$670K Max funds raised by a single campaign

Communities of investors are brought together through shared data points (industry, network connections, interests) and are cultivated to work together as teams.

Start-ups are matched to these complementary communities, thereby increasing their chances of finding investor-startup parity.