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Equitable Investors – Dragonfly Fund

Dragonfly Fund emerged as a Top 5 domestic equities fund in FY21

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Dragonfly Fund emerged as a Top 5 domestic equities fund in FY21

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Transaction Summary

Equitable Investors – Dragonfly Fund

  • Fund Pricing Monthly

  • Minimum Investment A$50,000

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Investment Highlights

  • Leading Fund Manager

  • Strong Track Record

  • Australia’s leading Fund

Company Overview

  • Equitable’s Martin Pretty joined Thorney Investment Group in 2013 ahead of the launch of Thorney Opportunities (TOP)

  • TOP was best performed LIC over ~3 years from launch according to Independent Investment Research, with an 18.2% pa NTA-based return

  • Dragonfly Fund emerged as a Top 5 domestic equities fund in FY21 with a 74.3% return, based on Morningstar’s data

  • Directors have approximately 50 years of combined professional experience in investment markets

Investment Philosophy 

Equitable Investors believes the greatest opportunities to generate significant returns from equity investments are through the pursuit of attractively-priced investments in businesses with strong growth prospects and/or strategic value.

Successful investment in businesses requires diligent research and analysis of each business.

Its key people, its industry, its opportunities and its risks. It also requires ongoing, disciplined and patient re-evaluation.

Investment Strategy 

Investments will primarily be made in micro-to-mid-cap companies listed on the ASX.

Larger listed businesses will also be considered for investment but are not expected to meet the manager’s investment criteria as regularly as smaller peers.

Equity in businesses that are unlisted or listed on exchanges other than the ASX may also be considered.

However, the manager would require high confidence in the potential for a liquidity event at an attractive price.


About the Fund

Established in 2017 the Fund is an open-ended, unlisted unit trust investing predominantly in ASX-listed companies.

Hybrid, debt & unlisted investments are also considered.

The Fund is focused on investing in growing or strategic businesses and generating returns that, to the extent possible, are less dependent on the direction of the broader share market.

The Fund may at times change its cash weighting or utilise exchange-traded products to manage market risk.

Products & Services

Equitable Investors Dragonfly Fund

Fund Pricing Monthly

Fund Type Open ended unit trust

Management Fee 1.5% pa on the NAV

Performance Fee 20% above the benchmark

Benchmark 5-year Australian Government Bond Yield + 5% pa (subject to a high watermark)

Buy / Sell Investment $50,000 AUD

Custodian Sandhurst Trustees

Additional Information

  • Company Presentations


  • Directors
  • Martin Pretty

    Co-Founder, Director, Investment Manager

  • Lana Jenkings

    Co-Founder, Director Operations & Compliance

  • Mickey Mordech

    Investment Analyst

  • Samuel Richards

    Operations & Risk Advisor Responsible Manager

  • Paul Dwyer


  • Hugh Robertson



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