Elemental Energy Technologies Ltd


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Business Highlights

Elemental Energy Technologies Ltd (EET) has developed the MAKO Tidal Energy System (MAKO) as a cost-effective free-stream hydro turbine to produce a world first – 100% predictable renewable energy.Suitable for utilities, businesses and communities near flowing water, including tides, rivers, canals and tailraces.EET has drawn on the automotive, marine and aerospace industries to provide a fresh perspective on solving the challenges faced by tidal energy systems.

Working within a defined strategy in the largest market in the world with a fully developed and patented technology. MAKO Energy is looking to use the funds for working capital and to build a customer pipeline by expanding its business development beyond Sydney, Singapore, and Tokyo where it currently has operations.

Key Transaction Information

AUD Raising A$2M (Pre Money-Valuation of A$9M)

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