Fort St Real Estate Capital Fund IV


Completed Offer

Business Highlights

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to invest in Fort Street Real Estate Capital Fund IV. Fund IV will invest in select properties through the Fort Street Real Estate Capital Trust IV. The Fund is the fourth in a series, managed by a joint venture between Fort Street Advisers Pty Limited and a related entity of Walsh & Company.

The Series was launched in 2013 to provide investors with a means to invest in Australian commercial property. The first three funds are fully invested and combined, and have gross assets of approximately $652M.

Fort Street Real Estate Capital Trust IV will target properties yielding 5-8% per annum, although it may acquire properties outside this range where market conditions and other circumstances suggest that the asset will enhance the expected returns for investors. It should be noted that the Funds distributions may be less than the actual or target return of its assets.

The Responsible Entity intends to make quarterly distributions and are anticipated to commence within 12 months of the first issue of units in the Fund under the Offer.

Offer Closing Date – Tuesday 22 May 2018

Key Transaction Information

62.5M Units @ A$1.60 per Unit to raise up to A$100M, with the ability to raise an additional A$100 million through oversubscriptions

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