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Investment Highlights

Built comprehensive casino CRM and Back office for seamless integration

Developed Eightstorm.com and GlobalOdds.com B2C platforms showcasing Tech stack

Integrated content from 50+ providers, 10,000+ games and 30+ payment options

Implemented Ai driven tools for optimised client spending and reduced overheads

Launched Go Racing B2B product with global racing coverage and risk management

Company Overview

Global Odds is the ultimate iGaming software provider, bringing a flexible online casino platform and the largest casino games distribution service for unparalleled growth and success. With AI-based technology, offering personalized gaming experiences for users, using smart algorithms that analyze player preferences and behaviour to deliver tailored game recommendations, ensuring maximum engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Experience seamless payment processing with Global Odds’s industry-leading payment solutions. Supporting a wide range of payment methods, ensuring fast and secure transactions for players. The advanced fraud detection system protects your business and customers from online threats, giving you peace of mind while increasing revenue.

Global Odds Horse

Global Odds understands the unique challenges of the iGaming industry. Being not just a technology provider; but a trusted technology partner, committed to helping achieve business goals. Through cutting-edge solutions and comprehensive services, empowering businesses to boost productivity and competitiveness.

The proprietary iGAP platform offers a complete turnkey solution for online casinos, making it easier than ever to manage operations and deliver exceptional gaming experiences. From the back office to the gaming floor, providing the technologies needed to thrive in this fast-paced industry.

With over 20 years of experience, Global Odds has earned a reputation as a leader in iGaming technology solutions. Supporting businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to established enterprises, and have seen first-hand the transformative power of technology in this industry.

Working closely with clients to understand their unique needs and challenges and then develop a personalized, cost-effective solution that delivers real results.

Global Odds Horse Racing

Products & Services

AI-Powered technology suite offers


Best in Class Online Gaming Backoffice


Secure Cross-Border Payments Globally


Tier 1 Content from A Central Hub


i-frame, Bespoke Horse Racing Product


Full Sportsbook Platform


Retention and Engagement Tool


Assisting Our Clients


Peer To Peer Betting Module

Global Odds Ball

Transaction Overview


Seed Round – “Formation & Validation” – Raised A$1.4M
Series A
– “Growth” – Raised A$4.5M

Series B – Raising A$4M on a Pre-money valuation of A$9.5M
Exit Strategy
Q4 2024

Series B “Expansion” activities:

  • Marketing Business Launch
  • Full Sportsbook Platform Commencement
  • Global Odds Tech Begins Trade Show Presence
  • Rebrand into Go Technology Group
  • B2C moved into Global Odds

* Minimum investment – A$25,000


Go Racing Betting Bank


B2C Betting Bank


Product Development & Marketing


Opex / WCap

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