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Investment Highlights

Dividend potential from Year 3 onwards

Cash business hence no credit risk on sales receivables

Product and business model highly transferrable across various Asian markets

Company Overview

Pre-emptive investment in recruiting for Wellness Managers

This saved 6 months of building a sales network. Ready to deploy sales network to immediate effect.

Simple business model compared to competitors

Overheads are lower allowing investment in value-added activities like marketing, not cascading commissions and high ‘Management Fees’.

Lower costs so are able to sell at more competitive prices

Key demographic is price sensitive, identified via research. Can capitalise by identifying how much competitors are charging for their products.

GM’s Wellness Managers have no buy-in requirements

No minimum sale quotas, agent quotas or points system. Enables retention of Wellness Managers. Less time, money and resources spent on replacing drop-offs.

The growing health & wellness opportunity

Good Mother is an Australian company focused on the sale of high-quality vitamin and dietary supplement products. Good Mother sources products from highly reputable Australian manufacturers with the aim of targeting a growing wellness trend in the Philippine market. Good Mother has identified growing South-East Asian market’s demand for imported products, especially with regard to health.

Marketing and promotion aims to reach end customers through more than 3,400 registered Wellness Managers. Good Mother will maximise the use of social media as a promotional platform, as one of the fastest growing and most effective channels in the country.

Recruitment of Wellness Managers is already in progress

Good Mother Wellness Managers were recruited from targeted video presentations aimed at the key female demographic. The video was distributed through social media and the strong response rate demonstrates 2 distinct characteristics of the key demographic:

  1. That the market is highly responsive to the brand image of family orientation; and
  2. GM’s business model

Good Mother garnered over 3,400 individual registrations wanting to start their new businesses as Wellness Managers without any additional promotional effort. Good Mother continues to hear from these registered parties and has retained their interest.

The Philippines has an estimated population of over 109 million people which indicates a high level of the income earning potential. With a dedicated recruitment team and strategy, Good Mother is confident it can increase the number of Wellness Managers to further gain in revenue.

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Studies from the Food and Nutrition Research Institute show that 17.3% of infants 6 to 11 months old in the Philippines are experiencing stunting, and 21.5% of children under 5 years old are underweight. Only 15.5% of 6 to 23 months old children are receiving the minimum acceptable diet including from breastmilk, infant formula and other supplemental food (e.g. meat and vegetables) suitable for their age. This undernutrition is not exclusive to any socioeconomic group as the report shows higher and lower income groups are affected, identifying a real national nutrition problem.

GM is doing its part in promoting good health by bridging the gap in nutritional deficiencies in our diet not achieved through healthy eating. Their products are specially assembled to cater for the needs of not only women and children but every member of a modern family across all ages.

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GM founders saw an opportunity for high-quality clinical grade vitamins and dietary supplements initially in the Philippine market. GM is offering the following 5 products designed to cater for the target market: The target demographic is women, particularly mothers, aged 25-49 years old. This age group is seen as the most influential when it comes to family health. Middle-class families are the socioeconomic target as this segment is showing the most significant progression in the local economy that is most closely aligned with GM’s price point. The island of Luzon of the Philippines is the initial geographical market in Phase 1 due to its population and economic prowess. Viet Nam’s Ho Chi Minh City will be Phase 2 of our expansion.

In 2020, the Vitamin and Dietary Supplements Market of the Philippines was worth PHP36.044 billion (AU$1 billion), an increase of 41.6% from 2015. Viet Nam’s Vitamin and Dietary Supplements Market grew from VND9,925 billion (A$567M) in 2015 to VND17,286B (A$989M) in 2020. Product demand in 2020 was largely dominated by the General Health followed by Beauty Categories in both markets.

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Products & Services

Nutrient Boost

Nutrient Boost


Kids Nutrient Boost

Kids Nutrient Boost

Kids Multivitamin with Omega-3

Mother to be

Mother To Be

Pregnancy Health with Omega-3

Heart Healthy

Heart Healthy

Triple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil 1250mg

Visible Beauty

Visible Beauty

Skin Lightening and Eye Health

Transaction Overview

Raising A$5M for 2,273,222 ordinary shares at a pre-money valuation of A$25M

Offer Price: A$2.20 per share

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