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Capital Raising A$2.5M @ pre-money valuation A$7M


Solar Energy Technology Innovation 

Business Highlights

Global Leaders in High Tech Solar – Generating Power – wherever there is light.

Disruptive Technology – Greatcell Energy is building on an excellent IP base in RDT&E and manufacture of disruptive 3rd generation solar cells, developed over 20 years

Solar Innovators – Greatcell Energy is at the forefront of the global innovation of 3rd Generation Perovskite Solar Cell for energy harvesting and generation.

Global Leaders in Solar – Greatcell Energy is creating lower cost renewable electricity based on perovskite technology that can compete in all light conditions with all forms of energy production.

A unique opportunity to invest in a renewable energy company built on a history of ground-breaking technology which could revolutionise the energy industry.

Greatcell Energy Pty Ltd was formed in August 2019 to carry forward the 15 years of history of Greatcell Solar Limited (formerly ASX listed Company with ticker GSL), that had been a leader in Perovskite Solar Cell (PSC) technology. Greatcell Energy purchased all the necessary assets including IP of Greatcell Solar, to continue the status as one of the world leaders in perovskite technology.

It is notable that MIT researchers agree with the Company’s strategy to launch the perovskite product into the low light energy harvesting market and then to progressively enter into mainstream solar power generation. MIT supports the premise that commercialisation of Perovskite Solar Cells initially in niche market is an optimal and logical strategy.

Greatcell Energy Pty Limited focus is on Perovskites (PSC) – particular formulations of compounds with a special crystal structure that can convert light into power.

According to Wikipedia, when compared to Silicon solar cells:

  • PSCs can be produced at a fraction of the cost
  • PSCs can be over 100x thinner
  • PSCs can be applied to almost any smooth surface
  • PSC efficiency is high in low and variable light
  • PSCs have higher cell voltage and better spectral absorption
  • PSCs have optimum specific power

In short, PSC can turn almost any surface into an energy source.

Greatcell Energy is uniquely positioned to commercialize the technology.

Our first products are micropower and midi-power cells, taking advantage of the high specific power of PSC, for IoT, mobile and other rechargeables.

Business highlights:

  • Greatcell has established a pilot plan facility near Wagga Wagga in NSW to engineer the perovskite cells and modules for light harvesting applications.
  • Greatcell Energy holds all the IP of the Greatcell Solar group of companies previously held by Greatcell Solar Limited, Greatcell Solar Industries Pty Ltd and Greatcell Solar UK Limited.
  • Selected equipment of Greatcell Solar Australia Pty Limited and Greatcell Solar UK Limited necessary for ongoing R&D and pilot plant operations was acquired.
  • Acquired all Shares in Greatcell Solar Italia SrL including assets from 3 existing substantial European Union (“EU”) projects.
  • Greatcell Energy has acquired a photovoltaic module manufacturing plant to shortcut panel development
  • Based on existing excellence in perovskite materials science, collaboration has been initiated with QUT to advance the performance and durability of the PSC devices.



Longstanding Business

Renewable Energy


Capital raise

A$2.5M @ pre-money valuation A$7M

Use of Funds

  • Expand the already experienced business development and technical team to accelerate the commercialisation of consumer electronics power cells.
  • Locate, install and commission the recently acquired module manufacturing line.
  • Engage with collaborative partners for specific commercial products including digital farming and agriculture, EVs, space and drones
  • Promote sales of PSC materials and equipment, introduce next model of Hyperion Solar Simulator
  • Carry out funded research to advance the performance of lightweight flexible PSC


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Tom Fontaine

Managing Director

Dr Gavin Tulloch

Executive Director

Luca Sorbello BSc, MA, PhD

Managing Director Greatcell Solar Italia

Andrew Casterns

Non Executive Director

Uwe Boettcher

Alternate Director

Sylvia Tulloch

Alternate Director

Dr Andrew Koplick

Research Advisor

Polycarpos Falaras

EU Projects Advisor

Prof Dai Songyuan

Executive Advisor East Asia

Sung Il Lee

Executive Advisor (East Asia)

Prof Hongxia Wang

Research Advisor and Research Leader QUT

Marion Geltinger

Materials Technologist

Dr. Babak Taheri

Senior Devices Engineer

Dr Enrico Leonardi

Leader Product and Equipment Development

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