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Guided Knowledge

Company Overview

Guided Knowledge has created a full-body motion capture system that observes and assesses a user’s performance in 3D and then delivers bespoke expert advice, all in real time via an easy-to-use mobile app.

The initial commercial focus is the sports market where wearable technologies and sports devices are forecast to generate USD$9.4B in worldwide revenue at 103% compounded growth rate by 2020.

The Company believes that there are currently no other products that can measure and analyse performance and provide expert coaching solutions with digital interaction in real-time, delivering the same level of accuracy and reliability in a consumer-friendly mobile app.

The Company is seeking to raise GBP£1,500,000 to complete the pre-production trials phase, establish business infrastructure, and launch its first commercial product into the U.S. golf market in Q2 2019.In the future, the Company intends to expand beyond sport to other categories like Health and Wellness, Fitness, Workplace, Industrial, Medical, Military, Performing Arts and numerous others.

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