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Company Overview

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H&G High Conviction

Company Overview

H&G High Conviction Limited is a microcap (sub $300m market cap) value investor backed by an experienced team where the portfolio manager and their family have significant “skin in the game”.

The Company is targeting an attractive investment performance of at least 10% per annum (after all fees).

The Company’s predecessor, H&G High Conviction Fund, returned 13.3% after all fees in FY22 (compared to the ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index’s –18.2%).

Benefits for Shareholders

A highly experienced active Manager with deep knowledge of Australian equities;

A concentrated portfolio of 20 to 25 investments in ASX-listed micro capitalisation companies (market caps under $300M at investment);

An actively managed, fundamentals-based investment approach focusing on capital preservation, long-term capital growth and income;

Targeting attractive double-digit long-term per annum investment performance after fees;

An Investment Team and Board with experience in funds management, listed equities, alternative assets and corporate governance; and

The benefits of the LIC structure providing investors with liquidity, experienced corporate governance and ability to pay fully franked dividends.

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