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Hydra Light International

Company Overview

HydraCell’s mission is to bring environmentally-friendly, high performance mobile power to everyone.

Driven by curiosity, humanity, ingenuity and adventure, HydraCell is dedicated to delivering clean battery technology that changes the world in a positive way.

HydraCell is the the pioneer in research and development of magnesium air fuel cell technology. The patented water-activated HydraCell fuel cell evolved from our search for portable, safe and ecologically friendly alternatives to conventional batteries.

HydraCell’s continuing goal is to ensure that every person, including those living in energy poverty, has access to affordable light and hand-held power.


Powering performance.

Turn oxygen and water into high-performance power.

Activated by water and fuelled by oxygen, our patented Mag-Air Cell battery technology delivers stronger and longer-lasting power, infinite shelf life and 100% capacity from first use.

Powering change.

Invested in greener technology and a brighter future.

Non-toxic, biodegradable, 100% recyclable, and made from natural minerals and materials, HydraCell batteries offer a smarter, cleaner and more sustainable future.

Powering safety.

Design products to be safe,inside and outside the home.

Customer wellbeing is at the centre of the design process. The company choose to use non-toxic substances and robust structures, to ensure safety for the home, our soil and waterways.

Powerful purpose.

Invented HydraCell technology for everyone.

Inspired by their work in developing countries, HydraCell’s founders are dedicated to shining a light in the darkness for those living powerless and in poverty.

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