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Hydrogenus Energy Limited

Renewable energy investment opportunity

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Renewable energy investment opportunity

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Transaction Summary

Hydrogenus Energy Limited

  • Seeking A$2M

  • A$2.00 per share

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Investment Highlights

  • Zero Carbon electricity, on demand, at a lower cost

  • Pre-IPO opportunity – Seeking a listing mid-2024

  • A$1.7M already Invested in successful development of IP for a pure hydrogen powered internal combustion engine - this is operating at the Ringwood, Victoria factory

Company Overview

  • Applications have significant potential

  • Proven expertise in IP development

Hydrogenus Energy specialises in producing clean and dependable hydrogen-fuelled energy solutions. Extracted from water via electrolysis, powered by renewable energy (solar/wind), hydrogen provides a cost-effective and sustainable energy solution for off-grid industries and communities that currently rely on diesel or other fossil fuels for power generation.

Hydrogenus is versatile and can be used for power generation and energy storage. It is the most abundant element in the universe and when burnt in a generator produces only water as a byproduct, making it a closed-loop carbon-free system. As we move towards a greener future Hydrogenus Energy’s solutions will be a key part of the energy industry.

Hydrogenus has recently announced it has made significant progress and has achieved a world first – a low pressure, fast response, low cost and reliable 100% hydrogen fueled genset. The core R&D is finished and their Electricity as a Service solution is largely de-risked. The next stage is a full system performance and reliability testing, followed by a full commercial 250kW pilot with a miner in Queensland.


Developing renewable energy solutions

Hydrogenus Energy has developed a system that stores excess renewable energy and converts to electricity on demand in remote areas, at considerably less costs than diesel fuel alternatives. 

There is a large addressable market, with the Australian market estimated to spend ~A$2.7B pa on diesel fuelled electricity. 

Hereby lies the opportunity for potential margins of 20-25% with significant growth upside, in the renewable energy and zero carbon space. 

Zero carbon electricity at a lower cost than diesel fuel power generation – off grid


~$2,7B Addressable Market

Hydrogenus will deliver an electricity service at a lower cost for the customer, but with a margin, after financing costs, of over $100/MWh.

The Hydrogenus system includes solar panels and/or wind turbines for primary energy, and an electrolyser to convert excess energy into hydrogen that is stored and used in a Hydrogenus engine, to produce electricity on demand.

In 2020, Australia produced over 4,500,000MWh of electricity from liquid fuels. In the Pacific Islands 9,000,000MWh, and in Indonesia about 6,600,000MWh, are produced from liquid fuels, highlighting this growing opportunity to replace liquid fuel in energy production with a cheaper, environmentally friendlier alternative.

Transaction Overview


Raising A$2M pre-IPO to develop a demonstration plant of the complete system.

Use of funds

22%R&D Stage 2

42.5%Demonstration Plant


25.5%Marketing / Other

Additional Information

  • Financials
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  • Management
  • Mark Smith


  • Martin Sheahan

    Executive Director, CEO

  • Marcus Clayton

    Executive Director & Chief Technology Officer

  • Pieter Bruinstroop

    Executive Director, CFO & Company Secretary

  • Robert Tindall

    Non-Executive Director



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