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Company Overview

The company is a wealth advisory platform for financial planners and private wealth advisors. The company uses sophisticated algorithms to search for the most optimal asset allocations based on a customer’s specific wealth goals, processing billions of calculations in parallel via the cloud in near real time (30 seconds). Using up to 100 years’ worth of investment market data, the company can give the investor up to 95% certainty in projecting future wealth based on the optimally constructed asset allocation.

Traditional wealth planning tools are not built for the cloud and cannot match cloud-first-processing fundamentals. By giving users online interactivity over goal-based scenario planning with near-instant results, financial planners and their institutions can more effectively engage their clients, in the most digitally scalable way.

The company is in revenue with a small user base, however recently signed its first major contract and expects to sign a second significant contract by the end of the month.