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Company Overview

Since launching in December 2014 this Australian company has created a neighbourhood marketplace providing a real-time job platform to help working families manage their busy lives. The marketplace already has over 46,000 registered users across Australia and the New Zealand launch is planned for August. Company is revenue generating and on track to be cashflow positive in early 2019.

In Australia, women’s workforce participation is 59.4%. One of the most difficult parental challenges is finding and sourcing reliable, trusted help in an efficient and speedy way. There are 2.1m working mums in Australia, this is the company’s target customer (aka Kelly). On average Kelly lives on the marketplace for 15 years.

Kelly is responsible for the majority, if not all of the childcare decisions in her household. This marketplace was created to solve Kelly’s multiple pain points. It is NOT just a babysitting app, it’s an on-demand job platform built for many family jobs, including before and after school care, nannying, Au Pair, home tutoring, and in-home age care to name a few.

Unique real-time supply & demand guarantees fair market pricing:

Parents set the price they are willing to pay for each job

Helpers decide if the job is “worth it” and apply or decline

Hourly rates posted and accepted average between A$10-A$30 p/h

Helpers get paid cash by the family at the end of each job

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