Lava Blue


Raising A$4M with a pre-money valuation of A$24.4M

Lava Blue is a science-led, unlisted public company, developing a High Purity Alumina project on granted mining and exploration permits in north Queensland.

Business Highlights

3 Divisions each with capacity to deliver significant returns

High Purity Alumina (>99.99%) for LEDs and Separators in Lithium Batteries:

  • Owner of upstream resources and mid-stream processing IP, primary producer with value-add margins
  • Core IP developed methodically over many years
  • Technology licences with QLD Leading Companies, Licensee income to supplement sales revenue from second half 2024

Silicon Metal production:

  • JORC- compliant upstream High Purity Quartz resource adjacent to relevant infrastructure
  • Potential for mid-stream processing (smelting) to be a Silicon Metal primary producer with value-add margins
  • Market for Silicon Metal expected to stay constrained

Specialty Minerals – Manganese, Cobalt, Tungsten, Other:

  • Leveraging our knowledge and experience in Far North Qld has identified a range of critical mineral resources and exploration opportunities.

Clear and Resounding Advantages for Investment

  • Technology-led in the right industries
    • significant tailwinds, including fulfilling local content and jobs
  • Generating early cash flow as foundation for the multiple avenues for significant shareholder returns
  • Foundational work as unlisted company with science-partners – resource enables sustained growth strategy
  • All business divisions deliver products for global energy transition and emissions reduction
  • Management Team has diverse experience set to meet the challenge to maximise shareholder returns


Offer Details

  • Private round raising up to A$4M
  • A$1M reserved for Strategic Investors (NDAs exchanged)
  • Directors & Key Personal hold ~30%
  • Lava Blue has been methodically de -risking scale -up of proprietary materials science processes. This is the last ‘fully private’ round before our HPA demonstration is operating

Offer Price

  • A$24M pre -money
  • A$3M sophisticated investor placement
  • A$1M to Strategic Investors

Liquidity Profile

  • Targeting September 2022 pre -IPO raising at substantial value up lift (A$75M -A$100M)
  • Targeting 2023 ASX Listing

Use of Funds

    • A$2M HPA pilot plant and product qualification
    • A$0.5M: Silicon metal samples and refinery pre – feasibility study
    • A$0.5M: Exploration program extending Four Ways poly metallic modules deposit, Lava Plains epithermal, NE Granites Tungsten, Lithium
    • A$0.75M working capital

Announcements / Press

HPA Technology License Heads of Agreement

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First 4N HPA Production for QPM

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Michael McCann

Managing Director

Sylvia Tulloch

Executive Chairperson

James Palmer

Non-Executive Director

Uwe Boettcher

Non-Executive Director

James Kruger

Non-Executive Director

Michael Ford


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