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Lava Blue

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Company Overview

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Lava Blue

Company Overview

Raising A$4M with a pre-money valuation of A$24.4M

Lava Blue is a science-led, unlisted public company, developing a High Purity Alumina project on granted mining and exploration permits in north Queensland.

High Purity Alumina (>99.99%) for LEDs and Separators in Lithium Batteries:

  • Owner of upstream resources and mid-stream processing IP, primary producer with value-add margins
  • Core IP developed methodically over many years
  • Technology licences with QLD Leading Companies, Licensee income to supplement sales revenue from second half 2024

Silicon Metal production:

  • JORC- compliant upstream High Purity Quartz resource adjacent to relevant infrastructure
  • Potential for mid-stream processing (smelting) to be a Silicon Metal primary producer with value-add margins
  • Market for Silicon Metal expected to stay constrained

Specialty Minerals – Manganese, Cobalt, Tungsten, Other:

Leveraging our knowledge and experience in Far North Qld has identified a range of critical mineral resources and exploration opportunities.

Clear and Resounding Advantages for Investment

Technology-led in the right industries

significant tailwinds, including fulfilling local content and jobs

Generating early cash flow as foundation for the multiple avenues for significant shareholder returns

Foundational work as unlisted company with science-partners – resource enables sustained growth strategy

All business divisions deliver products for global energy transition and emissions reduction

Management Team has diverse experience set to meet the challenge to maximise shareholder returns

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