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Encrypts critical information

Encrypts critical information







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Company Overview

LifeReady aggregates, curates and encrypts critical information while facilitating secure access for trusted contacts when it matters. LifeReady empowers users to be ready for whatever life brings their way.

LifeReady provides one of the most secure, cloud-based storage platforms and has been designed to provide unrivalled privacy for every user. LifeReady empowers users to catalogue their life, while allowing files to be accessible to family, professional advisors or other trusted contacts if needed. Regularly upload financial information for your accountant, share access to household bills or accounts with your partner and ensure your executor has your most up to date version of your will and final wishes.

LifeReady can allow constant access to any individual file or restrict access so that they can only be viewed if something happens.

LifeReady has secured signed commitments with distribution partners across the finical services industry who will be using this product to better serve their clients once the MVP is ready.


The Company operates as a SaaS model with a recurring subscription fee. This includes full access to world leading zero knowledge encryption (KeyCrypt™) and unlimited retrieval of stored files.