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Company Overview

This complete fitness ecosystem centres on a unique internationally recognized training method developed by Dr Phil Maffetone, a leading US medical professional. The Company has created an ecosystem of proprietary services and products to help users gain the most out of the MAF Method:

Health and Fitness App

Complete heart-based training program Supplements

Heart Rate Monitor: HR+ (HR monitoring headphones)

Fat Burning Metabolic Reader

This globally recognised training method is used by leading athletes all around the world and for the first time is being offered to the general public though this full suite of Fitness services.

Existing Traction

Already has significant traction across its channels:

79,200 Sessions per month

38,783 Newsletter Subscribers

27,748 App Downloads

Sold 1500 HR + ear based HR monitors in Australia – commencing overseas sales

400 supplement customers in US – commencing international sales

NDA and commercial discussions with multi-billion market cap supplier of gym equipment to provide a method to its 5 mill networked users.