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Medlab Clinical Ltd

Using NanoCelle® drug delivery technologies to enhance patient benefits



Investment Highlights

Innovative medicine delivery platform (NanoCelle®) which is patented in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia until 2036

Strong datapoints on NanaBis™ for cancer bone pain as an investigational new drug

Compassionate use (pre-revenue optionality) available in AU and UK to special needs patients ahead of final Regulatory drug approval

Finalising CMC package for NanaBis™ in US ahead of proposed FDA meetings, using drug substance drug master files, and packaging device master files. Possible US FDA 505(b)(2) [abbreviated pathway] option.

The Australian Government has committed up to AU$12M in R&D rebates over next few years to the NanaBis™ program.

Company Overview

MEDLAB CLINICAL LTD (ASX:MDC) focuses on clinical indications that the Company believes represent unmet or inadequately addressed medical needs and represents compelling commercial opportunities.

Core to this undertaking is NanoCelle® a Patented pharmaceutical-delivery platform allowing for a more effective method of administering pharmaceutical products compared to the traditional methods, which include intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous, oral (ingested and sublingual), rectal and inhalation.

NanoCelle® has been shown to enhance both uptake and absorption of medicines. NanoCelle® is a principal component of NanaBis™, a cannabinoid-based medicine for future regulatory approval, and is allowed both in Australia and in the United Kingdom to be sold to special needs patients, also known as compassionate use, special access and/or named patient.

NanaBis™ published research is compelling, showing reduction in pain, improvements in patients’ quality of life and reduction of opioid use.

Medlab is:

Headquartered Sydney, Australia with laboratory co-located at the University of New South Wales

Extensive patent portfolio and ongoing grant recipient

36 Staff, covering science, medical and commercialisation in Australia, USA and UK.

ASX listed MDC, NASDAQ symbol reserved MDLB

NanoCelle® represent strong optionality for use in a wide variety of medicines (as per patents)

NanaBis™ data points show significant pain reduction, improvements in quality of life and reduction in opioid use

Therapeutic focus in cancer pain and mental health

Industry partnering discussion early but underway

Medlab is focused on patient outcomes and in tackling one of the largest healthcare problems of today – opioid use.

Edison valuation shows a 10x factor against current market cap. See record attached below.

Transaction Overview

ASX listed Capital Raising – details of offer subject to confidentiality

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