Capital Raising


Neopharma Technologies Ltd

The Worlds Leading Drugs of Abuse and Health Data Solution







Investment Highlights

US FDA Cleared and CLIA WAIVED NEOTEST Drugs of Abuse Testing Products

CE Approved NEOTEST Drugs of Abuse Testing Products

NEOVAULT ISO 27001, HIPPA and GDPR certified

myNEO and NEOVAULT apps cleared on the Google Play and Apple Store in the US

IT Development of leading integrated AI Vision technology with Test Device recognition and Test Strip Recognition and Reporting

Company Overview

Proven Regulatory Strategy

capable of achieving the valuable US FDA clearance and CLIA waived status

Extensive Product Range

with a pipeline of US FDA approvals planned over the next 12 months


Health Testing App integrated with the NEOTEST product range giving customers step by step instructors, video, IFU and shareable Health Test Report.


ERM technology platform providing an accurate, safe and secure way to manage health testing programs.

Neopharma Technologies Ltd is an Australian public unlisted company that has wholly owned subsidiaries in Malaysia and the USA and has developed a range of industry leading rapid tests and participates in the current $35 Billion (USD) rapid diagnostics market growing to $134 billion (USD) by 2030.

Neopharma aims to be a global leader in the diagnostics market with 16 industry leading and technologically AI integrated products covering Drug Testing, Infectious Disease and Pregnancy. Anchored by its global patented TamperLoks medical device and US trademarked myNEO and NEOVAULT technologies.

All Neopharma products are supported with a fully integrated IT Test Data management platform NEOVAULT, and smartphone apps myNEO and NEOVAULT for the secure collection and recording of test data.

Neopharma will officially launch its recently secured US FDA cleared NEOTEST products and its NEOVAULT ISO 27001, HIPPA and GDPR certified enterprise resource management platform at the SAPAA (Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association) conference in the USA in October 2023.

WHY Neopharma

  • Recently received US FDA certification and CE approval for its NEOTEST range.
  • Significant product pipeline of approvals to further open up the Australian, European and South East Asian markets with extensive product range.
  • A low cost large scale business model.
  • Blue sky opportunity to reach $1B + valuation with NEO’s patented technologies and approved test kits paired with NEOVAULT.
  • Achieved highest international security and compliance standards with ISO 27001.
  • Pipeline of planned audits to achieve GDPR, SOC 2 and HIPPA certifications with a pathway for FedRAMP certification within 6 months.
  • myNEOand NEOVAULT app’s approved and now available on the google play and apple stores ready for commercialization.
  • NEOVAULT has AI and AR integrated technologies. With ability to sell big data to insurance companies and federal government.
  • Australian based Company Headquarters with wholly owned subsidary’sin Malaysia and US ready to scale.
  • Significant IP with Global Utility and Design Patents and Registered Trademarks. Neopharma Technologies SbdBhdis ISO 13485 certified.
  • After completing company Due Diligence research, Australian Wholesale Investor Market platforms, Onmarket & Venture Crowd have assisted the company raise over $1.5m from professional and sophisticated investors.

Products & Services

NEOTEST & myNEO: the World’s first Covid-19 testing app

Designed by Neopharma Technologies used with all US FDA and TGA-approved Covid-19 antigen and combined Covid-19 antigen & Flu AB test kits for the US and Australian markets.

Drugs-Of-Abuse Testing – Tamperloks Datavault

TamperLoks enables a rapid drugs-of-abuse urine test and assigns a unique QR code to the candidate being tested.

TamperLoks DataVault is a global leader in drugs-of-abuse testing. There is no current comparable hardware and technology pairing in the market globally.

Tamperloks – Rapid Drug Test Device

Patented 3-chamber tamperproof drugs-of-abuse urine testing device.

Test results within 90 seconds.

Patents ensure asset protection with further expansion into new markets.

Transaction Overview

Pre IPO Opportunity

Raising A$2M via Convertible Note

Convertible Note Terms

  • 25% discount to IPO 0-12 months
  • 30% discount to IPO 13-18 months
  • 35% discount to IPO 19-24 months
  • Alternative convertible measures: funding round greater than >A$5M / buyout / asset sale
  • 12% P/A calculated quarterly
  • Valuation cap on conversion based on a A$22.5M pre-money valuation
  • Maximum term of convertible note of two years
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