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NIVA Group Property Fund

Company Overview

The Noble ISG Venture Alliance (NIVA) brings together ISG’s expert fund management skills and Noble Ventures’ property development and management capabilities to create a stronger, high performing business unit that has few peers in the industry.

The NIVA Group is a federated relationship between ISG and Noble Ventures, whereby the total is greater than the sum of the parts.

Investment – NIVA’s approach to property development involves thorough, conservative financial and risk analysis, followed by focused and efficient project delivery. This approach is underpinned by many years of experience, well-established relationships with key industry alliances, stakeholders and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Management – NIVA is built upon a foundation of focused leadership and a strong vision for the future that is shared by the groups we collaborate with, industry and community leaders and other stakeholders across local, state and federal government, financial institutions, architects, town planners, builders, engineers, real estate agents and valuers and of course our investors. The group’s collective track record of highly successful projects are a testament to our passion, shared vision and the cultivation of deep, long-term relationships.

Development – Our in-depth capabilities across all stages of the development process allow us to quickly analyse the feasibility of projects, mitigate and manage development risk, have access to debt and equity channels on competitive terms and most importantly manage successful projects to completion.

Investors are invited to invest in NIVA Class Units in the ISG Private Access Fund – an investment specifically linked to the ultimate underlying investment of redeemable preference shares in NIVA Group Pty Ltd (NIVA) through corresponding redeemable preference shares in NIVA Investment Holdings Pty Ltd (NIH)

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