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Orbit Express

Company Overview

Orbit Express is a rare investment opportunity and a cheap entry point in one of the most highly sought after sectors globally – small satellite launch services. Orbit express has been able to fast track a development program others have taken 10 years and $1bn to develop via it’s founders experience and connections within the Global Space industry.
Orbit Express aims to be the “Uber of Space”. It is an on-demand microsatellite Air Launch System that utilizes multiple standard transport aircrafts that can arrive wherever needed to pick up and integrate a customer’s payload and launch it from their local airport in 24 hours.

The Orbit Boy Launcher has been developed in exclusive cooperation with Yuzhmash — one of the world’s top manufacturers of launch vehicles. The rocket is based on patented space proven technologies combined with state-of-the-art aviation and payload deployment systems.

Orbit Express was co-founded in the UK by a team of three former international space agency Chairmen, who together have been responsible for more than 150 successful rocket launches (more than SpaceX), and now are focused on building the world’s first on-demand space transportation system for microsatellites.

Orbit Express has already secured first launch contracts for 2024 and raised initial funding from the Australian markets to establish our presence globally in preparation for a US or UK SPAC listing in the first or second quarter next year. We have recently secured our launch control centre in Sicily, and now we are looking to increase our funding to select investors  for the purpose of fast tracking our space launch infrastructure in Italy , The US and Australia.

In May 2021 we succeeded with our first stage engine tests and are now going to hit our next milestone with a successful rocket airdrop we will execute from our IL-76 carrier in early 2022. When this test is completed and successful we will be on par with our only competitor Virgin Orbit in terms of systems development and pay load to orbit delivery.