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UK High Yield Income Fund

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UK High Yield Income Fund

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Transaction Summary

Sequince Capital

  • Minimum Investment A$100,000

  • Target Annual Income Yield 10% (nett of fees)

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Investment Highlights

  • Australian-domiciled fund targeting an annual income yield to investors of 10-11% nett of fees

  • Quarterly income distributions, while seeking to preserve capital at all times via insured & secured debt instruments

  • A bespoke UK alternative investment strategy with a low correlation to other traditional asset classes

Company Overview

  • Capital preservation

    Mechanisms built into the underlying investment structure

  • Secured & insured lending

    Into UK Litigation Funding (fully insured against case loss) & Film Financing

Products & Services

The UK High Yield Income Fund

Specialises in identifying opportunities to deploy capital that meet the following criteria

  • Exceptional, above-average income yield

  • Stable, consistent cashflow into Fund and ability to distribute income to investors regularly

  • Low correlation to traditional asset classes (hedging and diversifying)

  • Robust capital protection mechanisms and a high degree of certainty over capital preservation

  • Sustainable medium to long-term capital deployment destination (3 to 10+ years)


High Yield Debt Fund Opportunity

Funding the Good Fight against the UK Banks – First, in collaboration with our strategic partners in the UK, Sequince Capital provides finance to fund litigation claims made by UK law firms for systemic overcharging or undisclosed charging of fees within financial and insurance products in the UK. These claims are insured through after-the-event insurance (ATE insurance). Our funding makes it possible for regular UK folk to access a ’No-Win-No-Pay’ engagement with a law firm to seek a refund from the Banks.

Prudent and Profitable Film Financing – Second, Sequince Capital provide finance to Goldfinch Media Finance Ltd (UK), a company with a vertically integrated global business model with expertise across finance, production, facilities and management in film, television and video games. Goldfinch Media Finance Ltd are provided with a secured debt line which will attract premium rates and fees (comparatively) for this kind of debt facility, and will be secured against Government or State creative industry tax credits/rebates, UK VAT reclaims, sales contracts, pre-sale contracts, Commissions for TV, minimum guarantees from sales agents, and gap financing. Goldfinch has 0% default rate on their lending activity over 7+ years. Its current pipeline of projects that meet its financing mandate and are awaiting funding is in excess of A$120M.

Transaction Overview

Sequince Capital invites investors to purchase units in the Fund and participate in a bespoke UK alternative investment vehicle with exceptional target income, regular distributions and robust capital preservation mechanisms.

Minimum Initial Investment: $100,000

Minimum Additional Investment: $50,000

Minimum suggested investment timeframe: 3 Years

Target annual income yield (nett of fees): 10%

Fund Status: Open-ended Wholesale Fund

Please refer to the Information Memorandum for full details of the offer and before making a decision to invest.


Additional Information

  • Company Presentations
  • Other Documents


  • Management
  • Gawad Nabi

    Director, Executive Chairman

  • Sean Garvan

    Managing Director

  • Alex Knight

    Fund Trustee, Responsible Manager

  • Chris Byrnes

    Chief Marketing & Technology Officer


  • February 2022

    A$24b Litigation Funding Industry drives demand for Sequince Capital
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  • April 2021

    Millions of customers can make PPI claims
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