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Company Overview

Stormwater Treatment And Reuse 

STAR Water Solutions as a global leader in patented Advanced Bio-filtration technology and bio-retention systems, provide communities, waterways and habitats around the world with “state of the art” pre-treatment of contaminants and pollutants in urban, industrial and agricultural run-off, offering safe clean reusable water supplies.

STAR Water Solutions holds an exclusive worldwide license for patented Reactive Filter Media™ and KALKULUS™ Media Modelling Tool technology and has an established worldwide network of distributors and suppliers to service local markets backed by our experienced and proven team.

STAR Water Solutions has developed patented systems and solutions through innovation in research, technology and finance to address major infrastructure challenges we are facing in the twenty-first century. Some of these challenges are:

Fixing aging infrastructure including drainage and water supply networks.

Providing enough clean water for growing populations in an ever changing climate.

Keeping precious waterways free of pollution.

Preserving natural resources as we build new infrastructure.

Upholding low energy consumption principles in doing so.

With operations across Australia, Singapore, Canada and the United States, STAR Water Solutions is building a global network providing systems and solutions addressing each of the above mentioned challenges.

Ironically, more rain falls on most cities than water consumed by the community, yet in most cases this water is allowed to accumulate surface pollutants before ending up in waterways via antiquated drainage systems.

STAR world’s best practice technologies branded as Advanced Biofiltration Technology™ (ABT) Systems, incorporate proven, cost-effective technical advantages in the capture, treatment and subsurface storage of urban, industrial and agricultural run-off waters. Based on independent and self-conducted market research and market receptivity studies there is an enormous accelerating market for STAR ABT technologies in the Green Infrastructure and related markets

Water, energy and waste are three essential services for any city. STAR technology is at the forefront of sustainable systems involving all these services. The market for STAR solutions, technologies and systems provides beneficial outcomes in:

Water – Cleaning dirty water and making it available for reuse.

Energy – Conserving energy through distributed, ultra-low energy drainage systems.

Waste – Using a significant quantity of value added, high quality processed recyclable materials.