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Stoney Pinch Sands

Micronised, soluble, lime and silica available to plants











Investment Highlights

High Purity Silica Resource discovered 8kms west of Renmark, SA

Existing relationships with organic fertilizer suppliers to agricultural and horticultural markets since 2021/22

State of the art technology solving a serious problem facing Australian agriculture

Produces micronized minerals available to plants at competitive prices

Company Overview

Ability to address a serious problem confronting Australian agriculture businesses

Attractive returns and high potential growth from first year

Vast tonnage of high purity silica sands & lime

A cost-effective product for reducing soil acidity

Australian agriculture and horticulture are facing a major production and yield inhibiting problem due to increased soil acidity. Increased soil acidity inhibits the ability of plants and crops to access important growth nutrients like phosphorous and nitrogen which are essential for plant growth and health.

Stoney Pinch Sands Pty Ltd (SPS) will capitalise on this serious problem confronting Australian agriculture through its access to advanced technology used to micronise the lime and silicon that can reverse soil activity.

Stoney Pinch Sands Point of Difference (POD) is its ability to produce its micronized products at competitive prices – including through electricity costs when compared to using less efficient and conventional ball mill technology.

Extensive deposits of high-quality lime identified

SPS has access to extensive deposits of high-quality lime, the base ingredient in reversing and controlling soil acidity.

The new micronizing technology allows a cost-effective and faster method of getting lime into the vital soil root zone where plant growth and health is determined.

Access to significant deposits of silicon sand

SPS also has access to a significant deposit of high-quality Silicon Sand. Silica compounds (derivatives of silicon) are also vital for plant health and disease resistance. It can also be delivered into the seed bed in a similar way to micronised and pelletised lime.

Projected financial returns are attractive, with the goal to grow the business from revenue of approximately $1.27M in year one, to $1.96M within three years. This is projected to deliver an EBITDA return on capital invested of 22.2%.

Products & Services

Subject to metallurgical modelling and final process design, the processing hub should produce the following saleable products:

Lime Flour Granules

Micronised lime formed into capsules that can be injected directly into the seed bed where it is instantly available to begin the process of reversing soil acidity and unlocking the vital elements for plant growth.

Budget to enter the market of $230 per tonne delivered to Peats Soil at Brinkley.

Silicon Flour Granules

Micronised silica flour miniaturized to < 40 μm and then granulated as fertilizer.

Silicon flour granules are known to attract between $300 to $500 per tonne in the Australian agricultural and horticultural domestic markets.

Budget to enter the market of $320 per tonne delivered to Peats Soil at Brinkley.

Transaction Overview

This investment opportunity is for a A$1M private raising against a capitalised value of A$4,183,843, including mineral resources, land, plant & equipment and cash.

400,000 shares are on offer at the price of A$2.50 per share, representing 25% of the company.

Use of funds


Annual Production Expansion






Working Capital

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