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Company Overview

Stropro is a dedicated investment platform for wholesale and sophisticated investors to access exclusive investment opportunities from leading global investment banks.

Stropro, an investment platform for wholesale property investors, whom has arranged a defensive investment opportunity from Societe Generale that pays a fixed return of 6.90% p.a.

The investment was designed for investors looking to generate fixed returns in volatile markets.

Key Investment Details:

Downside Barrier: 35% at maturity to buffer investor capital over the term of the investment.

Reference Asset: S&P ASX 200 + Dividends – 350 points p.a. This adjustment enhances the risk/return profile.

Backtest: Over the ASX 200’s 20 year history, their investment has not returned a loss

Maximum term: 8 years with an early maturity feature from year 1.

Early maturity feature: Reduces the average life of the investment from 8 years to 1.8 years

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