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The Sydney Metro Fund (the Fund) is a pooled mortgage fund that offers Australian sophisticated investors the opportunity to gain exposure to a portfolio of loans. 

The Fund offers Australian wholesale and professional investors the opportunity to gain exposure to a portfolio of loans comprised of:

  • Loans secured predominantly by registered first or second mortgages; and 
  • Loans to businesses that are not secured by real property Mortgages, but will be secured by other forms of security, including general security agreements and directors guarantees.

Loans will only be made for use for commercial and business purposes and will not be made for consumer purposes.

The investment return objectives of the Fund are to provide investors with regular income distributions and a target average total return equal to the Reserve Bank of Australia cash rate plus 6.25% per annum (this includes both income and capital returns and is annualised after all fees and costs but before tax).

The Manager

The Fund is professionally managed by Sydney Metro Properties Pty Ltd, an independent investment manager with substantial experience managing a wide variety of property assets including, residential, commercial and industrial. The Manager also has substantial experience in the lending market place having secured and/or placed hundreds of millions in debt financing.

One AR Pty Ltd is the trustee of the fund and members of the One Investment Group provide registry and administration to the Fund.





Key Information

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Invest Return Objectives

    1. Regular Income Distribution.
    2. The opportunity to access secured investment through a professionally managed structure.
    3. Provide investors an average total return (income and capital) equal to the RBA cash rate plus 6.25% per annum.


Frank Vrachas 

Managing Director

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