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Toma Biosciences Inc.

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Company Overview

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Toma Biosciences Inc.

Company Overview

The Company has the exclusive licence to a revolutionary technology in the oncology field from Stanford University in California. This year in the United States more than 1.7 million people will be diagnosed with cancer and with 850 targeted cancer drugs approved (or close to being approved) in the US alone, correct and effective testing can be difficult, timely and expensive.

Using its end-to-end testing solution, the Company test guides patients to the most effective treatment, with the highest precision at the lowest process time. Operating in a USD $1 billion industry for this product alone, the patented technology is exclusively licenced from one of the world’s leading universities and has already proven its commercial viability since beginning operations in mid-2017.

With customers throughout the USA, Europe, Hong Kong, China & New Zealand, the Company is looking to raise funds to further expand its customer base and operations into new markets.

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