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Investment Highlights

Company Overview

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Transaction Overview



Transaction Summary
Vpod Solutions (UK) Limited

Raising GBP £3M

Pre-money valuation GBP £6M

GBP £450K already raised

Investment Highlights

Revenue generating, real asset in the prop tech sector with significant growth potential

Acquired a number of large clients on a reccurring subscription model e.g., Sainsbury, Citibank, Barclays, Javits Centre NYC & HSBC

Sticky yet lucrative hardware/software solution (3 year+ contracts)

Strong thematic with growing ARR with a large multinational pipeline

Company Overview

Pre-IPO Opportunity

Growth Industry

Digital Workplace (CAGR 22.3%), Smart Lockers (CARG 24%) & Visitor Management (CAGR 16.7%)

Proven Technology

Impressive suite of customers and global partners including Citigroup, Santander & Paramount

Ready to Scale

Funding for growth & orderbook completion – Proven tech with A-grade global customer base

Vpod simplifies processes and amplifies experiences to make workplaces better and easier to use. They are a platform of smart tools that connect customers, engage employees and lead the way for workplace evolution. Vpod manufacture hardware and proprietary software.

The Platform is comprised of a network of endpoints that sit on the Vcloud software platform. These endpoints could be the Vgreet screens, Vflex lockers, Vpod Visitor management software or third-party integrated partner endpoints such as access control, wayfinding, room or desk booking.

Vpod Solutions solve the problems of the post-pandemic work environment, like streamlining (simplifying) security and compliance challenges, providing constant visitor assistance and support including wayfinding and navigation and addressing space utilisation due to hybrid working trends.

The Vpod Smart Workplace Solutions improve the efficiency and experience of the workplace. Its core offering is “vgreet” and “vflex Hybrid Smart Lockers”.

Products & Services

Vgreet Virtual Reception System

Fits into any workflow, any device, and any software without limitations, making every impression count.

More than a visitor management kiosk, Vgreet is a cloud-based software that connects siloed systems, facilitating booking resources, checking in visitors and employees, handling deliveries, and more – all on one centralised reception kiosk.

Vflex Smart Lockers

State-of-the-art product with quality in-house manufacturing, intelligent design, and a cloud-based platform that can support multiple locker workflows in one single locker bank.

Transaction Overview

The company is seeking to raise up to GBP £3M as part of its Series A capital raise @ GPB £2 per share (£800K already raised).

Working Capital & HR:

  • Fund of strategic demonstration and trial opportunities.
  • Invest further into SEO strategy.
  • Exhibit at key global industry events

Tech Stack Development

  • Further expansion of its proprietary Visitor Management Module;
  • Create WSaaS only version of VGreet;
  • Further develop the open architecture software interface to integrate with more products.


Loan repayment


Working capital & HR


Tech stack development


Vpod WSaaS

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